1. Thank you for sharing how we can get an “all-day” injection of the Lord in our day. Listening to the Bible or a podcast calms our troubled mind. Writing Scripture verses on the mirror puts the Lord before our eyes.

    Devotion to the Lord is more than a “sit-down with the Bible, journal, and pen.” It is personal, intimate and the whole spirit, soul, and body involved.

    Another idea: take a verse and speak it out loud, pray it back to the Lord. The beauty is that when we speak His Word we breathe the breath of God. Awesome!

    Kristin, you’re a blessing. Chris (at https://www.christinemalkemes.com)

  2. Hi Kristin !
    I was wondering about the Bible verses on the mirror idea. Do you do a search for bible verses for your kids ? Or take them from the daily devotional ? For the ones that have meaning for where your husband and you are in your lives, do you search for that ? I am new to a daily practice of bible study as I’ve only done a few women’s groups but it’s something I am interested in implementing- also want to teach my kids. Thanks for the great ideas !

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