1. Heather Symtschytsch says:

    Oh my goodness. I can’t stop crying (in a good way) because this touched me in a way I can’t really put into words. You are so eloquent with words (one of your many gifts), and that’s also the reason I enjoy hearing from you through emails and Facebook posts. I have needed to read this exact content for a LONG time and realize I need to start asking myself “How can I?” My health has SERIOUSLY been suffering but yet I still was/am saying “I can’t.” I took away some important things from you today (like always), but this takes the cake. Thank you times a million for posting this. I need to start making some changes, and I’m going to start TODAY. Thank you for opening my eyes, and and for really just reminding me that I’m not alone. You really are an inspiration? Kayse!!!

  2. Meg Brown says:

    Boy !! I just have to say that God has TRULY blessed you to be able to post and relay this information SOOOOO WELL ! Also, you have a wonderful gift of hitting the nail on the head ALL THE TIME and in PERFECT time. Thank you for believing that this is what you should be doing. I print out your posts and read them over and over to keep focused. Thank you again !

  3. Shannon Alcorn says:

    This is such an awesome post and much needed for myself!
    I am so proud of you and for you.
    You inspire me!
    Thank you!

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