That's when I stopped talking to God - Walking through grief & how it affects our faith, from

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  1. I can relate to a lot of this. I felt similar when my best friend’s baby died 24 hours after birth (the second child for her to loose) and then I had a miscarriage and then another. I’ve worked through most of my grief now and we’ve been blessed by another child but it’s still hard sometimes to understand why. Right now we are trying to serve in a difficult country and these past few months have been difficult, with no relation to where we are (although being here makes it harder to deal with those difficulties). My first born has a major food allergy, my husband injured his knee and might need surgery, my baby is a terrible sleeper and may also have a food allergy. Why all these extra things on top of just being where we are? It’s hard to hold on to God’s goodness sometimes. I’m interested to hear the rest of your thoughts.

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