1. Sonya Milu says:

    Great post! We cut out cable years ago and I recently cut back about 80% on scrolling and commenting on FB. I really only use IG now and I cut many people from there as well. We just had a similar conversation with our 15 y/o son last week and it really made us stop and reflect on what we share around him. We are back to starting our days with Mozart and we only watch a current events subscription made for teens called World Watch.

  2. Denise Past says:

    I realized I had too much of other people’s drama. I posted that I was paring down my friends list but if someone specifically wanted to continue to let me know…I heard from 3 people of my over 500 list. And they were not on my ‘de-friend’ list. By the time I was done I had cut my list in half and a large percentage of those are family. It has helped my mental well-being and now most of the drama I deal with is family based, which I’d deal with anyhow.

    Thanks for your honest post.

  3. STEPHANIE says:

    I agree! Been feeling this need to cut out social media and downsize many of those negative outlets or influences because it really does take its toll on many different levels within myself but also my family too. When mama is stressed the whole family seems more stressed and that doesn’t sit well for me either. Thank you for you words of wisdom and advice!

  4. Thank you so much for being a light in the darkness! I always leave your emails or posts feeling encouraged and hope-filled. Thank you for all the resources and tips you provide. ❤️

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