1. Kayse, you did an excellent job of focusing on faith first and then integrating it into your planner…and then showing us how. I really appreciated the post and the video. You’ve certainly allowed the Lord to meld your two loves together in a way that will help hundreds of us LIVE our faith every day! Thank-you for your faithfulness in following your joy (faith and planning)! God will bless you for that!! M <.

  2. Linda Hickey says:

    I admire so much the way you show your faith in all you do. That’s the main reason I began to share your planner. It’s a great planner but the important thing to me is that the company’s owner is a Christian.

    Keep up the good work.

    Yours in Christ,

  3. This morning, I was meditating on Romans 9:14 in which Paul explains that Christ’s sacrifice “cleanses our consciences from dead works to serve a living God.” I am very easily captured by planning as a means of control. If I’m not diligent, my brain is constantly running through plans for the day, the week, the future but often that turns to anxiety and worry. Writing plans out helps me make space for other thoughts and helps me set aside that constant train of thought because I know I’ll have time to think through it and write it down. Yes, planning can easily become a “dead work” that makes me feel like I’m doing more to please God and the people around me. But by the grace of God, it can also be a time to focus on serving the living God.

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