1. Thank you! I also recommend Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford ❤️

  2. Susan Lawing says:

    I have been trying to keep the phone away during meals for a few years but find it interesting to know that even looking up information in a topic we are discussing caused a breakdown in the strength of the connectivity. I also try to out my phone away and not be looking at my screen when the kids are around, but have been failing at that last one. I feel convicted, but resolve to here the wise advice in how to love my children better after having read this article.

    1. My husband and I haven’t been able to have kids so our family is very little, but we established a no phones at the table rule in our house and call each other out on it. You really can feel the phone’s presence even silently. When my younger siblings have stayed with us for extended visits we’ve informed them of the rule too. Highly recommend!

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