1. This is super timely for me today! I won’t go into detail, but thank you.

  2. Lori Raleigh says:

    The guilt continues, once you’re a mom, you are always a mom! I’m a mom to three adult sons, a mother-in-law to three women and grandmother to five. I feel guilty when I ask too many questions-am I meddling? I just want to know more about their life! I feel guilty when I express my need to see them and want to spend quality time with them-am I being selfish and not aware of their busy lives? I feel guilty that I’m not a god enough grandma or mother-in-law. Is it better I just go away to my winter home?? I just want to do it right!

    I love your blogs and website Kayse! We are in different parts of our lives but have the same goals. Thank you for all you give to us! God bless you and your family!

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