1. Is there a reason the Feb plan has 31 and not 28 days like the month? I struggle to keep up as it is and that stresses me out just a little!

    1. Don’t know if I looked at something wrong yesterday, or it was corrected, but Feb now has 28 days. Yea!!

  2. How will I get February’s Scripture plan?

    1. Hi there! If you subscribed to the Scripture Study Plan, you’ll get an email next week with the plan for next month. 🙂

      1. I can’t remember my password to access the February Bible Reading Plan. Can you help?


        1. Hi Tammy! Did you get the email this morning? The password to access the reading plan (and the rest of the resource library) is in that email. It’s one that I set, so don’t worry about remembering your own! Check the email and send me an email back if you can’t find it!

  3. I’m loving your reading plan. It has been bringing my mommy heart a much needed time alone with the Lord. Thank you! One question I have for you though is, what exactly is “GRACE DAY” on the plan? I’m kind of confused. Thanks!

    1. Hi Aline! I’m so glad you like it. Grace Days are for just that – grace. If you fall behind, or sleep in one morning, grace days are there for you to catch up. And if you’re right on track, then you can choose your own verse that day! I hope that helps! 🙂

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