1. I LOVE listening to podcasts, I love Sally’s, buty favorite is God centered mom. But I have a hard time listening to them, or audio books, when I’m in the car, because of a loud 3 year old and curious 5 year old! Do you only listen when alone, or how do you handle it with kiddos in the car?? I wish I could listen during the multiple trip to school..

    1. My kids are both super into coloring right now, so I give them mess-free coloring and it keeps them somewhat quiet! If it’s loud though, I just listen on the way home from dropping Emily off, and on the way to pick her up – when it’s only me and the 3-year-old in the car. He is happy to play quietly with his little action figures!

  2. I’m planning to start doing some kid-friendly audiobooks while driving, too. So one of my favorites this year has been discovering the Overdrive app that my state’s library system uses, because then I can just plug my kindle into the car and listen to them for free!

    1. Alyssa zech says:

      I just discovered Sparkle Stories! Original stories written and produced for kids, they are usually 15 to 20 minutes long. Perfect for our daily car trips!

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