1. Hello Kayse! Thank you for suggesting such nice gifts for the mom. You helped me a lot because I am confused about the gift which I want give to my mom. I think fitbit is the best gift. It tracks our activity and keeps us healthy which is better for my mom.

  2. I love the list, it makes me feel all happy and Chritmas-y inside
    Great ideas too, I was looking for something for my mother in law, and seeing as she has 4/10 things I’d say this is my go-to list for the future!
    Thanks (:

  3. Great ideas…Thanx!

  4. I’ve Been eyeing a kindle paper white FOREVER, but have never taken the plunge. It’s definitely on my list this year!

  5. This is a GREAT list!!!! There are several things on here that I’ve got my eyes on.

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