1. I use YNAB also! I love the newest version and the phone app makes it so easy to import and approve transactions. I have it on my main phone screen and a little alarm in calendar to remind to go in and approve them. It helps!

    Thanks for being honest in your struggles. We have a pretty good daily routine down during work/school times. It’s the other down times that stink for us. Trying to find some fun family activities to add into these times that aren’t just watching tv or playing a board game.

  2. I’m missing friends, church and going to the park. Last week was Easter break and I must have cried three times as I missed going places.

    I’m thankful for the extra time to read, and see friends on zoom and my bible study group. Try out yoga at home. I would be interested in Pilates.

    I’m kind of figuring out teaching my class and my kids—super hard!

  3. I’m a new mom, so this is my currently mode. I’m missing “me time” or “hobby time” (read, draw or blogging, as an example). Sometimes I feel like giving up, as an impossible thing to have, but I refuse. I had the same feel with time to work out but I manage to have a fix time during the week to work out. My next step is to create that “sacred” time per week to work on my hobbies. I’m still working on it 🙂

  4. This is a great reminder. I get so caught up in trying to learn all the new things, and incorporate them into my life, I forget about the basics.

  5. A timely message once again. Our kids are going through a picky stage right now and my husband’s hours are not consistent, so going out to eat has gotten way too easy. I can cook but get frustrated with ingratitude and kids not wanting to eat and have given up. This isn’t too friendly on our wallet or our waistlines. So back to the basic of eating real food at home!
    Thanks for the encouragement, Kayse!

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