1. Amen! This was a great reminder to be intentional about resting, just like God did!! One thing he always says to me: Be still and know I’m God. Be Still. Thanks for sharing this important truth.

  2. Great Post. Resting has always been difficult for me. I have heard the Phrase “Rest when you get to Heaven” and that is great and all till you reach BURN OUT!
    I know rest is vital to giving the Lord your best. It is so difficult to fight our mind when the world is constantly knocking. Enough is never enough and too much will kill ya~
    Great Post~

  3. Good post Kayse,
    I think for me, it takes being able to say NO to some of the busy things that get asked of me during the week.
    It also means being disappointed at times when you were planing on doing something and plans get changed, but being okay with the disappointment. And letting it go.
    I also think sometimes we don’t want to miss out on anything so we push to not miss out instead of listening to our body as to when to rest.
    A lot of us have work that does not allow us to rest when we need it, So the rest gets postponed too far.
    Learning to pace ourselves is something a lot of us were never taught. And we do have to learn this.
    Love you, Dad

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