1. Amen, Lord Jesus! Be our real rest and day by day supply. We look to you to guide us and shepherd us this week. We work unto you and trust in you! Gain us through and through!

  2. Thanks for this post! I just crossed off about 10 non essential things off my to-do list and it felt great! 🙂

  3. Leigh Ann @ Intentional By Grace says:

    Such a needed and helpful reminder. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  4. I wish REST was my middle name. I love it, crave it, and never have enough of it. Love this series and looking forward to a week-long pursuit of anti-busyness and BEING.

  5. Well said, Kayse! I’ve been reading through Luke 10 this past week with my Good Morning Girls group and as I read your words here I was reminded of the way God convicted me through the story of Martha and Mary. I can get so caught up in the busy, busy, busy of using all the gifts God has given me and forget about the better part – simply sitting at His feet and resting in Him. God showed how important rest was by resting on the seventh day too, because He knew our human bodies needed rest or we would burnout. I’m looking forward to reading more of your series. 🙂

  6. Such a great post! God certainly planned His day of rest after the week of creation. Taking intentional breaks during the day can be helpful. Employers know the value of breaks for their employees…yet we treat ourselves terribly at times when we can’t stop and take a breath!

    As ladies I think we have a lot on our “to do” list that we feel just “has to be done”…when in reality, life would go on as normal without it. So, yes, we do need to closely evaluate what’s making us so “busy” and make sure we have our top priorities on the top of the list. If those get done then we’re very successful indeed!

  7. Boy did I need to read this today! It’s Monday, the start of another busy week where I feel like I never do enough and am always 2 steps behind. My rest isn’t even real rest because in the back of my mind are all the things I should be doing. Thanks for this reminder! 🙂 p.s. hope your morning sickness is better!

  8. Amen to that! Cut it out…guilt free! I also need to continually evaluate if what I thought was, at one time, important, is still important!

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