1. I have so been this spot … yesterday and the day before. I battle this every day right now. I want to run from God because I’m afraid of what He’s going to require of me next. We’re in a season of “doing the hard thing”, and sometimes I just want to do the easy thing. But I’ve found God ever more present when I run into His arms instead of a way. Funny how that works. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dearest Kayse, I just love the way you have been so honest here, and the way we, your readers, have been your sounding board. Please keep us in this privileged position, because it helps us process our own lives too! I can relate to so much that you are going through, and thank God for your courage and transparency to share it.

    You have inspired me greatly to keep at it in my own walk, my own dependence on Him, my own looking to God in the small things of life, and taking those tiny steps towards Him one day at a time.

    Thanking God for you, my sister!

  3. Amen, friend. Amen to it all. 🙂 He is our everything…the only place where no balance is required. He asks us to throw all our chips in his basket and the rest will be added to us…thank you for sharing your heart and processing. Your journey is a beautiful one…one I feel very, very close to myself 🙂 The blog has been empty lately, but my heart is so very full 🙂

  4. Hang in there friend! I know EXACTLY how you feel – and that’s how I roll too…all or nothing. It’s definitely taken some time to find balance & rest 😉 You’ll get it. I’m praying for you & your family in this season. Be at peace. Christy

  5. Wow! Thanks for your exposure of self here. Praying for this season in your life and praying that you trust His love for you no matter what doesn’t get done on the to-do list. With Joy, Carey

  6. Thank you for your honesty here, friend…it’s encouraging to know that I’m not the only one who struggles. Blessings on this time of rest in your life…praying that God will use it to draw you even closer to Himself. 🙂

  7. What you’ve shared speaks volumes. There is indeed great insight here. I thank you, sincerely. God bless.

  8. You may not have known where you were going, but I sure did. I feel like I am constantly running from the Lord in fear and anger. I am not sure where I am supposed to be going but I know that I am ‘supposed’ to read my Bible and do Bible Studies so I just keep forging ahead, pushing through doubt and loneliness, another box to check off.
    So your words were very encouraging this morning.

  9. Thank you beautiful God-Sized Dreamer for such beautiful honesty. And yes, I do need to hear that someone else is just trying to figure it all out too! Does it help you to know that I’m just trying to figure it all out too?!! I’m sorry for your very real fears. Fears can be so very life-draining. I’m lifting those fears, and you, and your family, up to God now. May He who is Peace and in Control, comfort you today.

  10. So thankful for the example you show, to focus on Him, above all else. Praying for you as you go through this season, that it would be full of more love, and joy, and peace of Christ beyond anything you could possibly imagine.

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