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  1. Hi Kayse. I don’t think I have ever commented and I think your post is wonderful but remember that your husband is just as much a parent to your children as you are. He is responsible, just as much as you are, for raising them. He lives in the same home as you and your children and needs to also help contribute. I don’t know how much he does at home with you but by the tone of your post it seems like it isn’t much being you were basically crying for help. I guess the sentence that really stood out was “I also didn’t want to add a ton to the strain he was already experiencing”. I have so many friends of mine, and I used to be this way as well so I know and understand, that felt they should be able to do the household chores because their husbands worked so hard, but as you pointed out you work too. I guess what I am saying is that you don’t need to feel like you are putting strain on him. He lives there, he is your children’s father, and he can help around the house and with your children and that includes more than just one chore. A few of my friends started including the family in tasks like folding laundry. They do it together and have fun and it shows their children that both mom and dad split the chores and expect them to help too. Just what I felt reading your post. Hope you don’t take it the wrong way.

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