1. This is a great list! I’m already going to tell the hubby that I want your planner for Christmas. I did notice that the headphones that you put as a gift for teens says wireless but those headphones are actually wired ones. They are really cute though. Thanks for the list

  2. Thank you, Kayse, for a timely, short and simple list! This is also beautifully shared and is very doable!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Hi Kayse! I have followed your blog for a long time. It was because of you that I bought my first illustrated bible and got back into reading the Word every morning. I absolutely love the lists that you made here. I was especially excited to see LuLaRoe! I am a consultant and love seeing what these clothes are doing for women everywhere. If you’d like to join my fb group, feel free 🙂 Facebook.com/groups/lularoeemilyjones
    I’d love to have you! And please, keep up the amazing work on the blog. I love reading it 🙂

  4. This is awesome!! I will definitely be referring to this in the next few weeks of shopping! I also loved your post about non-screen toys for your kids! I have a 6 year old 1st grader and a 2 year old boy so those ideas were awesome also!! Thank you so much!

  5. Great list! Thanks so much!

    I totally understand about purging, etc. We live in the upper part of a 1,200 sq ft rambler (my parents have an apartment in the basement) – my husband, me, 19 & 21 year old sons, and a 6 month old german shepherd puppy that will be the size of a mini pony by the time he’s finished growing. I totally get what you’re saying. I’m always looking for things to donate, get rid of, etc.

    While our gift giving for our boys are different now than it was years ago (now we stick to a dollar amount), I agree about the kids being overwhelmed with presents. Back in the day, I would put half of the presents in a closet and then bring them out later in the year. We did do 3 presents one Christmas (to represent the 3 presents that Baby Jesus received) but then how do you count the accessories that go with something (is it considered a group present which counts as 1, etc.). It’s just something that always needs to be figured out and sometimes shifted from one year to the next, and not be so rigid. Enjoy those babies! I wish mine were that little again – seriously!

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