1. I love recipes that have a story behind it, this keepsake would be a perfect way to record them. I had been writing all my recipes on a big plain, old notebook. This is just great! Thanks for sharing Kayse! 🙂

  2. Every year in the fall time when the plums are ripe, my mom would make the yummiest German dumplings filled with a plum – covered with brown butter and sugar. Mmh. She still makes those for us every year when we visit. It’s like being a child again.

  3. Rolling and rolling and rolling hundreds of perfect buckeyes every Christmas with my Mom and siblings. I still love making them today!

  4. Each year, I make struffoli with my aunt, grandmother, and a family friend. It is such a sweet holiday tradition.

  5. Lisa Muniz says:

    I have fond memories of my grandmother fixing a HUGE pot of chili and my dad’s family gathering at her house to eat and just be with family. We’ve all grown up and had our own families and the older generation has passed on but those sweet, house-full-of-family meals will stay in my memory forever.

  6. I love baking sugar cookies with my mom, using my grandmother’s recipe that she began using over a century ago. Such a wonderful & meaningful family tradition! This cookbook wpuld be a wonderful place to record this!

  7. Every time we would go and visit my grandma, she would have us baking up a storm in the kitchen and I loved it!

  8. One of my favorite memories is making Christmas cookies with my whole family every year. We would make a whole day out of baking, decorating, and then packing the cookies to send to relatives who lived further away.

  9. What a beautiful idea … just last week I was hunting down my great-grandmother’s recipe book that was handed down to me to use as part of a photo shoot.
    Not only were the recipes she recorded special, but the handwriting, written in her beautiful calligraphy-type font with a fountain pen, is such a wonderful connection to the past.
    We have 3 daughters (and perhaps in years to come 4 daughter-in-laws), and I’d love to bless them each with a special keepsake such as this.

  10. Jill Kletzing says:

    I live 3,000 miles away from my mom. This would be great to collect recipes that I remember from my childhood plus recipes that I use with my family to pass on to my children some day.

  11. I have just a couple of recipes written out in my grandmother’s hand and they are a treasure to me. The recipe book looks like a great way to create an heirloom!

  12. I loved making biscuits in the kitchen with my Mawmaw. If only I could have ever learned to make them as good as she did!

  13. My fave kitchen memory is my mom making her super moist chocolate cake with ganache!! ? And during the holidays, her fruit cakes makes the kitchen smell sooo good! ❤

  14. When I got want to college, I had to start learning “the family recipes.” One, so I could learn the tradition. Two, so I could eat in school.
    We have debates every holiday on who makes the best salsa. Each of us has the “original” recipie from my Grandmother but none taste the same as hers. I think she told us all different one so she could keep her secret. One day we will crack the code.

  15. Cheryl Johnson says:

    My Mom made the best Christmas Cookies when I was growing up. There were always Russian Teacakes, and Gingerbread People and Sugar Cookies to decorate.

  16. What a cool format for a recipe book – I love this!!!!

  17. I remember making gingerbread cookie with my grandmother!

  18. Lisa Lawton says:

    I have so many kitchen memories as I was blessed to have a mom and 2 grandmothers who were all good cooks! I remember the Christmas cookies my grandma would make. There was one type in particular that I have never been able to find a recipe for but I keep looking!

  19. saturdays homemade pizza is a special memory with my dad

  20. My best kitchen memories are spending time in the kitchen with my grandmother learning to bake.

  21. My mom would cook us a yummy breakfast of either french toast or homemade pancakes every Saturday morning. To this day…I still love a yummy breakfast on Saturday mornings!

  22. Christina K. says:

    My favorite memories in the kitchen are helping my mom create holiday meals. We don’t get to spend as much time together any more so I cherish those memories.

  23. Elizabeth says:

    When my kids were small we would say, “let’s make cookies”. No matter if they were in their PJ’s, we’d get everything out on the kitchen table and it would always lift our spirits.

  24. Amber Beal says:

    My 6 year old LOVES helping in the kitchen. My favorite memory was watching her do an entire recipe by herself and seeing how proud she was.

  25. I have been eyeing this or actually a while so winning it would be a blessing.

  26. Lauren Gonzalez says:

    My best kitchen memory is making gingerbread cookies.

  27. This looks amazing. I have been eyeing it for a while. So winning it would be amazing!

  28. Crystal Arcand says:

    This is a beautiful book!

  29. Erin Purdy says:

    I would love to get one of these! My children are starting to be very interested and helping cook so it would be fun for us to have our own little family recipe book to use not just at the holidays but all year round.

  30. I absolutely love this!!! <3

  31. I love cooking and baking! Now my littles (4 and 2) are starting to really get into the kitchen too! Cracking eggs or mixing up a bowl of ingredients can get messy, but it brings them so much joy! I remember cooking with my mom and siblings growing up. We would always try to sneak a taste when mom wasn’t looking. I’m sure she knew…

    The holidays have so many traditions! We have baked cookies with friends and family every year since I was 2. When I was in middle school, we started inviting my girlfriends, and it became a tradition for them too. Now I do it with my daughter, and maybe a friend or two. The best!

  32. I still remember crying while my dad cut up an onion for thanksgiving stuffing when I was little. I don’t like onions in any other dish, but it’s not thanksgiving if I don’t get a little teary cutting an onion!

  33. Courtney Flowers says:

    My favorite memory in the kitchen is making homemade noodles with my Granny. This keepsake book would be perfect for recording and passing down all those family traditions!

  34. One of my favourite memories was one year when I was back in the US to visit my family and was working with my sister and sisters-in-law to prepare the Christmas dinner.

  35. The smell of my mom’s baking is always a wonderful thing!

  36. Lauri Adams says:

    I have my grandmother’s recipes written on small scraps of paper in her own handwriting. Those are the ones I pull out for every holiday meal. Love this idea of having it all in one place as we create new memories!!

  37. My favorite memory in the kitchen is working alongside my mom making Kris Kringle cookies and decorating them. Now we share this tradition with my daughter!!!

  38. I remember when I was a child… every Sunday when we got back from church, the house would smell chicken that my mom would put before we leave! Great memory!

  39. Jennifer Lill says:

    Every year my three siblings and I would all gather in the kitchen with our own trays of Christmas cookies to decorate. It’s probably one of the few things we would all do together in the kitchen and I think of it every year.

  40. I just taped all of my grandmother’s recipes into a scrapbook. She had tons of old magazine clippings(so vintage looking) and several handwritten ones. It is neat to have them in book form to flip through.

  41. I have lots of fond kitchen memories – especially with the holidays. My mom was pretty much a small town Martha Stewart and would make loads of cookies, candies & breads and we would plate it all up for friends & neighbors. She shows her love in the kitchen and between her and a few Christmases with my grandmother (her mom) I have TONS of sweet memories to relive.

  42. My Mom worked outside the home, sometimes as many as three jobs, school teacher, store clerk and bookkeeper just to keep us fed and clothed. She wasn’t a great cook but she always managed to put a meal on the table each night. I remember her famous pork chops and stuffing cooked in an electric roaster for Sunday dinner.

  43. Bonnie McCawley says:

    Cooking and baking over the holiday season!

  44. Tracy Brumfiled says:

    One of my favorite kitchen memories was making fried pies with the kids and ending up with flour fight.

  45. Elise Egerton says:

    This time of year I remember sitting at the counter,as a child, turning the old grinder making homemade cranberry relish.

  46. Every year after Thanksgiving we would make gingerbread houses out of graham crackers and royal icing with the left over Halloween candy. The children loved spending the day together and preparing for the Christmas season.

  47. What a great idea for a cookbook!

  48. Marci Olson says:

    My Mom taught piano lessons right up until dinner, so often our meals were simple and from a box. Sundays were different. We always had a roast and lots of sides. Still warms my heart thinking about the food and the time we spent around the table.

  49. This is beautiful! I would love to fill this in for my family–

  50. Oh, Please wait, please enjoy the wait. The wait in wanting to gift these to your babes when they are grown. It goes so fast, this thing we call time; seriously so, so fast. Tonight you are tucking them in with prayers, but soon they are tucking themselves into dorm rooms. So enjoy the wait, and intentionally incorporate them into the memories. And don’t ever mind the flour on your noses!

  51. Wow love this. Such a great way to preserve memories

  52. One of my favorite kitchen memories is making caramel popcorn with my dad. I plan to make it for Christmas gifts this year in his memory!

  53. Gabrielle Doecke says:

    Some of my most favourite memories in the kitchen centre around Christmas cooking. Christmas falls in sumer here in Australia, so the aromas of fresh prawn salads, glazed ham, icecream cakes, strawberry punches, and other goodies being prepared make me feel so nostalgic and remind me of how wonderful it feels to gather and with my family of ten around a fully laden table, complete with hearty laughter, thankful hearts, and meaningful conversation. This keepsake book would be such a perfect way to record our family”s most cherished recipes!

  54. Gabrielle Doecke says:

    I LOVE this idea! I have been looking for a good place to record cherished recipes for the time I have a home of my own, God willing. This looks like such a perfect and precious place to do that! Thanks for the giveaway, Kayse! God bless you and your family! – Gabrielle

  55. I have been looking at this Kitchen Keepsake for the past year! If I don’t win it, I think I will have to put it on my Christmas list!!

  56. I have many memories of helping my nana in the kitchen before thanksgiving or Christmas. I’m hope one day my cooking is as good as hers. I would love this book to add family recipes to it so I can always have them.

  57. Liesl Falcon says:

    I’ve been meaning to gather my Mom’s recipes for some time now. This might just make it a bit easier.

  58. I’ve been eyeing this keepsake book for awhile. I love celebrating and recording memories, including recipes and those special kitchen shenanigans with family.

  59. Melissa R says:

    I need to organize my recipes and this is such a fun way to do it!

  60. I have great memories of making green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, and corn in the kitchen with my Mom during the holidays.

  61. Some of my favorite memories are in my Nanny’s kitchen. We always do Thanksgiving at her house and the kitchen is always a mad house of aunts and now that we are grown my cousins as we finish dinner and set the table. There is always laughter and a bit of bickering but a lot of love too.

  62. Love this beautiful recipe holder! What a wonderful way to hold on to Memories!

  63. This is our second holiday season without my mom and I still miss her so much. As I get older, memories of loved ones and precious moments spent together are so much more meaningful. We’ve named favorite dishes after loved ones such as “Mr. Joe’s No Good Molasses Cookies” which is one of my kids’ all time favorites. While we enjoy these favorite foods, we share memories. I treasure the recipe cards and slips of paper in my grandmother’s and mother’s handwriting. I love the idea of a recipe book that provides a space to do just this as a keepsake for future generations.

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