1. Thank you for this post! I just found it and I’m excited to implement more anchors into our life and my own personal life. We currently have pizza friday and game night with friends every other saturday night. I definitely want to implement more in this coming year.

  2. We have weekly date nights and family nights. Our family nights are online via Houseparty because one of our daughters is away at school. You’re absolutely right, those small rituals, routines and traditions make a big difference.

  3. I literally posted on Facebook last night a plea for help in the area of organizing my family’s life with our three kids. I feel like a total mess. I really feel God led me to your page through Pinterest tonight. I have years of freedom flowing knowing I have help getting to where I need to go! Thank you!!!

  4. I’m currently reading that same book. Did you enjoy it?

      1. This post was wonderful! Very informative and with great ideas from your experience, showing us that you have tried them and they have worked well. They give me inspiration to try them myself. Besides giving kids predictability (which makes them feel great), it’s creating memories for them. I love the idea of giving specific names to the activities and making them special events, making them mini celebrations. The kids can feel their lives are full of celebrations and happiness and that is what we want for them. I bet they will remember those names and celebrations when they become adults. Many blessings to you.

  5. I adore this idea! I am very much into having an organized schedule for everything and this would fit right in!

  6. I love his concept of intentional anchors. We have 3 small kids and life is chaotic. We were just at a funeral for my brother in law and it was mentioned over and over how many ‘anchors’ they stuck to as a family. Their kids are out of high school and will always have these memories to continue on with their kids. So thank you. I needed to come across this today 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing! Love the ideas, and I’m sure my kids will love it too! We have movie nights but nothing set in stone, I think when it’s a specific day the kids will look forward to it!

  8. This is such a great article. I think our family has slipped a little in this department. Our children are 9.5 years apart. They have a great relationship, but it’s hard to find movies we all like/can see, places we all want to go/aren’t sick of… but this has inspired me to try to find some anchors for our family.
    I love what you said about ending your work and reading before you go pick up Emily. I struggle with those transitions (from something I’m doing alone to something that requires interaction.) I need to intentionally approach those transitions so they are more successful.
    And those cinnamon rolls. Wish we lived near a Trader Joe’s!

  9. Kayse:

    Love this post! Anchors and Routines always help me feel more centered, prepared and calm. Planning, in general makes me feel more in control of my life and allows me to craft and create days that bring me joy and a sense of accomplishment.

    I hope more moms will incorporate these ideas into their daily life and enjoy the peace and productivity they can bring! Thanks for sharing such helpful content!

  10. These are such good ideas. We have pretty good routines set in place, but I’ve never been good at having these fun themed days. You’re inspiring me to put more effort into it to create a more fun atmosphere at home.

  11. Thank you Kayse! I love this! And the catchy names 🙂

  12. Practical question…how do you fix peanut butter sandwiches ahead of time that still taste ok later in the week?

    1. Oooh! It’s so easy – I was elated when someone explained it to me! You just put peanut butter on both sides of the bread. Jelly in the middle. They freeze great and taste fresh. I pull each one out of the freezer into the fridge the night before. Works great!

  13. Every friday night, for the last 4 or 5 years my boys have ‘Superfan friday’. They watch superhero cartoons and eat pizza. We make a big blanket bed in the living room and they get to sleep there for the night. It seems simple, but it means so much to them!

  14. Nothing fancy, but every afternoon we have Fika together. I usually make a warm-almond milk drink for the kids (mint, cocoa, etc) and have a small snack. MY husband and I drink too much coffee. It’s nice, a very welcome break in the work/homeschool day.

    Fika is Swedish for a coffee break that’s more about socialising than drinking coffee. And something sweet is also welcome.

  15. I didn’t know we had anchors. Everyday for 30 minutes after lunch and 30 minutes after dinner I make sure I play with my daughter. She chooses after lunch and I choose after dinner. (Almost) Every Wednesday we have storytime at the library. And we have a family club called the Holiday Club where we celebrate holidays. My daughter really likes to celebrate so we find something each month to celebrate and throw a family party.

  16. Marcella Nalley says:

    Thank you for the reminder for how important these things can be. I’m inspired to be more intentional about my family’s week!

  17. Love all of this!!! Thanks Kayse!

  18. Jen Lehmann says:

    Great ideas! I hadn’t thought of these as intentional anchors, and their importance as such, but we have several in our family, too! Monday night is burger night (Monday Bun Day — everything IS better with a catchy title!) Wednesday is library day.

    1. Monday Bun-Day – I’M DYING!!!! This is amazing. I must implement it immediately!!!

      1. Named by my six-year-old daughter, of course!

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