1. I made more “mountains” during the week prior to my monthly cycle. We can’t discount all those hormones running around our bodies. Not as many hormones anymore and I’m still making a few mountains that I not only think, but share rather meanly, with my husband.

    I chose ‘pleasant’ as my word for this year (“Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.” Psalm 16:24) and had it engraved on a bracelet that I frequently wear. That little reminder has not made me perfect, but God is using it to help retrain my mind and my tongue.

    Perhaps you could get a bracelet engraved with “ear wax” or perhaps just an emoji like this “?”?! ???

    Seriously, an excellent post and I’m so happy your son’s speech and your marriage are better.

  2. Mari Benson says:

    Our youngest daughter had ear infection after another her first year born and then had had ear surgery to open her left ear…she didn’t speak until after she was 4 years old. We went through her sister knowing exactly what she wanted, sign language, speech classes, and as she was getting older told her that God gave her a New York accent. She is now 27 years old and in the United States Navy. The Lord won’t give us more than we can handle.
    Thanks for making me smile and it is Always good to be reminded that our husbands have feelings and aren’t perfect just like us.

  3. Thank you for the remind to stop and take a breath. I’ve got a teenager and a 20 something living under our roof with us (in a small house) and it can be hard at times. But I have to stop and remember to just sit back and look at the whole situation before rushing to judge it or react harshly. Thank you again.

  4. I love this, Kayse. It truly does give us a funny, touching, relatable and wise word on parenting and marriage. I’m so glad I came by to read it! My youngest was born with a cleft palate–thankfully not cleft lip. He had something of a slice up his palate with two skinny uvulas. They joined his palate together at 14 months and he had to have speech therapy from two to about 14 yo. Though that was hard, there were so many blessings that came of it. God blessed us, like you, in the midst of what seemed bigger at the time than time than it really was–all within God’s beautiful redemption. Thanks for sharing this and I’d love to have you add your link over at my Wedded Wednesday linkup at http://www.messymarriage.com 🙂

  5. MANY years ago I read something that has been my “ear wax” reminder. It went something like this: “Instead of getting upset about the dirty sock left on the floor, be thankful for the husband who left it there.” (It may have been Anne Ortlund in Disciplines of a Beautiful Woman). I’ve used that little reverse psychology trick on many things over the years. Dishes to wash? I’m glad we had food to make them dirty. Toys to pick up . . . again? I’ve got kids to play with them (and learn to pick them up, but sometimes we all know, it’s just easier to do myself. Depends on the day.) Thanks for the reminder to keep it all in perspective. Blessings to you and yours Kayse.

  6. AWESOME post!! So happy it was just ear wax 🙂

  7. It’s just so easy as tired parents or overdone adults to make connections with things that have no connection at all. I’ve been listening to a marriage series out on by our old church called marriage misconceptions – and it’s AMAZING! I’ve had to remind myself lately lots of things I’ve been learning – and this is another great one !!!! A doesn’t always = B

  8. Oh my goodness, what a relief that must have been! For my son’s whole first year, I remember being anxious and building so many mountains out of things that turned out to be molehills. Somehow the mind just takes that leap to the mountain before analyzing the whole situation sometimes, I guess.

  9. THANK YOU for this AWESOME post!!! I LOVE that there is someone else similar to me!!!! In regards to the ear wax issue, we had to have tubes put into 2 of my 3 kids ears…and yes, we still ended up with speech issues until almost 5th grade. Now, my 3 are 18, 16, 14 soooooooo it seems a life time ago that i would cry..scream…pick LOUD DISCUSSION with my hubby over pitiful things because I was so scared for my kids..and what if’s were constantly in my mind. Hubby hates the “what if” game…will get up and walk out the door…he just think its worth “borrowing” trouble whereas I think its trying to have a plan B, C, D, etc…anyway..ear wax…yea..gotta luv it…hubs family has terrible ear infections issues (didn’t know about THAT until had first kid thanks MIL) and with my tiny inner ears..BAM issues galore!! not sure if there was a silver lining in all of that….other than glad we had health insurance even though it wasn’t the greatest..it was still there. I guess I could say that the saying THIS TOO SHALL PASS..is very true…and the worrying over kids NEVER ends…

    1. I believe it! The worrying can always be ongoing! Thank goodness we have a God ready and willing to take our burdens!

  10. Jennifer Richmond says:

    Love it… And so true! Next time I see egg shells in the counter in going to think of earwax though. ? 😉

  11. I sat down this morning with my tablet prepared to write my husband a letter. I’m due in 6 days with our second child, this is a very high risk pregnancy as were my others. It’s stressful, being half the mom I usually am due to restrictions, pain, having him barely just getting home from deployment and we like you are transplants here. No family to help. So, I have been dealing with unrelentless anger and resentments and at the bottom line frustrations. All of which my poor husband has been taking a verbal lashing for. I hear myself , I say hush in my mind, but my mouth keeps at it. Anyhow, I sat down to write him a letter because I feel he is not taking this baby coming in six days very seriously. I’m starting to try and curb my mouth so I figure a letter is best to filter out harsh words and stick to topic. Then of course I see your blog first so I read it. I almost made a mountain out of wax. Your three examples minus egg shells substitute taking trash out, is what I hear myself saying to him. You are right it’s tearing down my marriage and in my opinion could imprint trust issues with communication. Your blog today gave me some peace and allowed me to see past myself and my need to have complete clarification when in fact it’s simple, not deep rooted or secretly coded to mean something else. What this long ramble commenting momma is trying to say is thank you for opening my eyes this morning. God bless you from this momma in Roseville, Ca

    1. Oh, I’m so glad this encouraged you!! And Roseville is not far from me!! So fun!!

  12. I’m glad your son’s speech issue (and hearing!) was resolved. That must have been such an incredible relief!

    Good thoughts on marriage. Thank you for sharing your stories.

  13. This was a great post! One more time saying ear wax may have been too much, but I think you did just fine ?. I’m so glad for you! My now 15 year-old had a lot of sinus infections as a toddler and also didn’t speak very clearly at all. The doctor’s “average” at 2 that said strangers should be able to understand half of what they say, was not our situation. His two older siblings were tuned into his channel and could do most of what he wanted; I would ask him only a couple times so he would not get frustrated, but by 4 years old, he wouldn’t as easily forget what he was saying for mom’s big “I love you!” and kisses. We finally got in with a wonderful speech therapist and he had such a great time (I was allowed to sit in and little brother was able to sit in the room and play with tous by my feet). Once he got the r sound, wing became ring and the other phonemes sort of corrected themselves! I know not everyone’s situation is so simply rectified as ear wax removal or a couple months of speech therapy, but I understand the first panic, then think reaction. ? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Lol. Thank you!! And that’s what our doctor said too – strangers should be able to understand half of his words. Which was not even kinda possible. Lol. I’m glad to know speech therapy worked well for you! We still may be headed down that road, just to a lesser degree than I’d anticipated.

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