1. Jade Pitsenko says:

    Thank you for this. It was needed today ??

  2. It’s so true. And phones have become somewhat of an addiction. And when you’re a working mother it’s hard to shut off. I even find my 1 year old tugging my phone out of my hand. She already knows the tie I have to it. We’re trying to be mindful of how often they see us with them. I must say, it’s been hard.

  3. I am on the tail end of parenting 12 children. My ten year old is the end.. I don’t know your daughter’s heart but don’t let her guilt you. Even if you feel guilty don’t acknowledge it in front of her. If she’s correct you could say, you know I shouldn’t have been on my phone or whatever. And you don’t feel guilty, there are a million ways to screw up motherhood. : )) If your wrong ask forgiveness and go on. And if none of this fits, ignore it! Praying for you and enjoying reading your works. In Him Lori

  4. I really have to be aware of this because I have such a “doer” personality and tend to get so caught up in my to-do list. I never regret spending time with my kids but I always regret my attitude at the end of the day when I realized all I did was tell them “Not now, Mommy’s busy.” Thanks for the reminder to just be present in the moments.

  5. I know for my boys, they feel so loved and important when I put aside my to-do list (which is never ending) to just sit down and build LEGOs with them. I think I’ll go do that now, in fact. Thanks for the encouragement!

  6. Oh how I wish my kids were little again! My boys are 29 (married, not at home), 21 and 18 (both are still at home). Sadly, the days really do fly by! Although I do read a few blogs (obviously!), I don’t do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. I am busy enough as it is, why add more stuff to it? Pretty much the only thing I do on my phone is texting – can you believe I have no games on it? When I have free time, I read. There’s nothing like curling up with a good book! I don’t watch T.V. either (I know I’m an oddball!). If I could have a do-over, I would not worry as much about keeping a clean house, play more on the floor with them, maybe go outside more. But, we’re mom’s and we’re not perfect either! Just do the best each day and go on.

    1. Raising my children and going to all the gym classes, soccer, band and cheerleading were the best years of my life. I was always with them, but I would do a lot of socializing with the other mothers so I would miss a flip or a goal once in awhile. I would cheer and yell and be in the moment most of the time I was with them. You guys are still doing fine. They will forget you weren’t watching that one second they looked up and love you and proud of themselves when they see you are cheering them on the next time. I have trouble right now getting this same excitement with my step grandchildren and that is where my guilt comes in. I love them dearly. But I feel I gave my all my early years and I am ready to stay home and read, garden and yes, clean my house. (strange as it is, I like to clean and rearrange furniture and decorate.) I know it is all going to be fine though, I will get all done eventually because they all grow up way to fast. Like Dori says,”keep on swimming”.

  7. Jodi Hunter says:

    You are quite insightful and profound. You have a gift of observation that few writers have, and the skills to convey your feelings and ideas in an engaging way. So many women, mom or not, feel immense pressure to keep up with our own emails, texts, various social media accounts, work responsibilities, and homes– all this while we try to enhance relationships with the people in our lives. Who doesn’t compare their life to the photographs on social media? The pressure! We should step back a minute. Reevaluate.
    Trying to be transparent with readers, while also maintaining your personal identity is surely difficult. Thank you for your insights! They are always Right On Time for this chick.

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