1. I love her thoughts on giving it all to the kids and making sure to follow the path that God has set before us.

  2. The sword of the spirit ~ God’s word. How awesome to always have it out with those beautiful cards!

  3. I loved how transparent Courtney was. It was extremely encouraging to be reminded that we can’t do it all, nor should we.

  4. I really like this series! (I would say love, but I was recently counseled that “love” should be reserved for people and relationships, not inanimate objects. So, I’m trying…lol!) I especially appreciated the permission to go slow, amd remember the littles are only little for so long. Sometimes it feels like I’ll never get to do anything meaningful again, and then I am reminded…oh, yeah! Raising these three beautiful littles is the MOST meaningful thing I can dl in this season!

  5. I relate to the need to put your children first and pull back from other commitments. You only get one chance to raise your children!

  6. I definitely relate to Courtney’s need to have scripture in front of her all the time!

  7. First, I’m know I’m totally going to love this new series!
    I appreciate Courtney’s transparency and encouragement. She really seems like a l great lady to know

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