1. Martha Grant says:

    I bought the full sized printed Organized Life planner and though it’s a great, all inclusive planner, I’ve found that I can’t keep up with it – it’s just too much for me. Do you have a video walk-through of the bullet journal? I’m not seeing it. I have a feeling that would suit me better.

    1. Our new planners launch on October 3rd, and videos will be coming soon! Make sure you’re on our email list, and I’ll be sending out all the info! You can subscribe right in the sidebar. 🙂

  2. I was looking at the academic version last night and when I went to purchase it today, I’m not seeing it. Is it still possible to get that version? This seems awesome! Thanks

    1. Hi Amy! The Academic Version has been replaced by the 2018 version as of last week. But you can get the rest of 2017 as an add-on pack, if you’d like!

  3. Cindy Cox says:

    I would like to order the Midsize planner but I would need the rest of the year of 2018. So you have that coming up on the horizon or is there a way to get an undated mid-size 6 month pack to finish off 2018?

  4. I agree with some of the other commenters! I love the full size edition! I need the space to get EVERYTHING out of my head and on to paper before I forget it. Writing it down just helps me to feel more organized. Love these!

  5. I love the dated version full-size!

  6. MIZ Kayse is the one who got me addicted to Erin Condren. Now I must become a trader to EC. This planner was truly meander for the busy, working, budgeting, blogging, praying family in mind. Thank you Kayse, for thinking through this planner in a way that makes it almost a total necessity for parents!

  7. I like the printed full size. Love the extra space to write in the full size and the printed version will save time for this momma.

  8. Melissa Borbridge says:

    I really like the half size printed. It will fit in my bag without taking up to much room!

  9. I have your previous full size printable planner… and like it. Really like some of the changes you’ve made in the new one though!

  10. I’d love the full size because I’d need the space and can insert into my blog binder as well!

  11. Megan VanderHeide says:

    I loved the old planner can’t wait to try the new planner.

  12. I need the full size!!! Can you please extend your launch for a day or two? I REALLY want this.Erin Condren has nothing on this planner!

  13. I would love the full size planner. Thank you!

  14. I love both printed sizes. But, I like the ability to write freely in the larger one.

  15. I like the midsized printable planner since I like to take my planner with me wherever i go, and I like the option of printing the pages I want as I need them.

  16. Dawn Mikus says:

    I am definitely torn between the printable mid-size one and the pre-printed small one! I have the large printed planner now and LOVE it but it is just too big for me which is why I love the smaller version! I think I would pick the pre-printed small one over the others though so I can throw it in my purse and go! Thank you SO much!

  17. Tara Lamb says:

    Excited to try this out!

  18. Elizabeth says:

    The mid size. I have found that size to be the most convenient for me and this one would work with MAMBI planner I am currently using

  19. Courtney Martinet says:

    The full size because I like having space to write ALL THE THINGS!!!

  20. I love the full size! I’d rather take something larger with me and have plenty of room for everything I want.

  21. Ooooo… I think my favorite is the half-size printable. Maybe the full-size. I like the idea of adding planner packs!!

  22. This looks great! I had been giving bullet journaling a try, but now that I see this planner, I want it. I really like the full size printable planner. This seems like it will really help my scattered brain. 😉

  23. I would definitely need the full-size. I love having the space to write everything in one place. I think both the digital and the pre-printed versions have their benefits. Overall, for ease, I probably prefer the pre-printed version. They all look great, and I love how you truly thought of everything we could need in a planner!

  24. I love the idea of being able to put my planner in my purse and carry it with me but with my large writing and the color and detail of the full size printable planner, this is the one I would choose. My fear is that I wouldn’t get it printed or collated properly though but this is absolutely my favorite version!

  25. Elaine Williams says:

    The full sized printed planner looks like it’d be my favorite 🙂

  26. Jennifer K. says:

    I’m torn between the printed half size & full size! I like the idea of the half size being 90 days, which works well for me right now, and being portable. I’m not sure if I can fit my writing sizie in it though! All the things included in the planners looks helpful and spot on with being a busy mom who works outside my home!

  27. Amy Price says:

    The full-size printable looks fabulous!

  28. I’m getting the half size printable. It’s perfect size for sitting on my kitchen counter top where I leave mine open at all times. Can’t wait to start using it!

  29. Deanna Frazee says:

    I need a full sized version. I have access to a printer but it doesn’t print in color so that would be boring for me. I am a teacher so probably an academic year one would be good for me in color!

  30. I like the Academic Planner in both full & half sizes! I don’t have easy access to a printer, so the full size is probably what I’d spring for.

  31. Half size printed version because it would be easy to carry around and I would not have to worry about having to print it off myself.

  32. I love the full-sized planner. I have five kids and we are always doing something and because I’m obsessed with planner stickers. I love how you incorporated all of the extra tasks we have as mothers. We have a lot running around in our minds for the day, week, and month. Oh yes and the yearly goals too. You’ve created a functional planner that keeps up with all of the what nots, and if not you got room for notes to just incase somethings missed. I Love it.

  33. Gabrielle Wolsfeld says:

    I really like the undated one and the flexibility it provides!

  34. I like the half-sized since it would fit in my purse.

  35. The mid-size undated printable one looks great!

  36. My favorite is the printed half size…portable, but plenty of room to write on the page per day. I can’t wait to get it in and start using it!

  37. I love the halfsize so I can take it everywhere and actually use it.

  38. I’d love to be able to use the mid-size, so it would fit into smaller purses… but let’s be real, I need the full-sized version! My chicken-scratch handwriting doesn’t do too well with smaller boxes, lol! And I like being able to use bigger planners so I can fit more details in… but I definitely need the dated version, so I’m currently torn on what my favorite is. The pressure of putting in the dates is one more step for me and as a perfectionist, it’s one more thing to be irritated at if I put in the numbers wrong! Also, printing – as a busy working mom, I don’t know if it’s realistic that I’ll go through with printing the dated planner, so, it’s a toss-up!

  39. So hard to choose but I would have to say the half-sized printed looks like the most convenient for my lifestyle, all of them look great though!

  40. Stephanie C says:

    My favorite would be the half size printed. It looks amazing!

  41. I like the full size academic planner because I Iike having enough room to write things down.

  42. Love the full size! I need a large space to fit everything!

  43. Sonya Milu says:

    I’m ordering the full-size one!!!!! I am sooooooooo excited for this planner!! FINALLY, someone who totally gets the busy mom who works from home!!!! YIPEE!!!! I already use your homeschooling planner and it ROCKS!!!!!

  44. I love all the space on the full-size printable. So easy to customize.

  45. I like the midsize printed planner! Perfect size for me.

  46. Camryn Anderson says:

    I love the full size organized life planner. It is just what I need. I love the week is broken down in this planner and the task tracker for the week seems helpful! Also, the monthly meal planning with a grocery list seems so helpful. Love it!

  47. Elise Egerton says:

    The mid size printable would be my favorite. Still wishing for one that had week starting on Sunday.

  48. Wow! It’s hard to choose! However, I do like the half-sheet size – and I love the idea of a page a day! Your planners look fantastic – I’m anxious to use one!!

  49. Cynthia Brotzman says:

    I love the video walkthrough of using power sheets with the planner. I love the full size printable witb the ability to customize.

  50. Siobhan Berndt says:

    Love that you have a printed version and a digital version!

  51. Love the printed full size planner, perfect for lazy old me!

  52. I like the full size color one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  53. I like the half-size ones since they’re portable and fits in my purse. I often design my own planner pages and it’s easy to cut them to size! 🙂

  54. Sarah Snodgrass says:

    I am most excited about the mid-size printable version of the planner! I LOVE your format and all the items you’ve included in your planner and look forward to ordering it and having it ready to use right away! I also like the size so I can toss it in my purse and take it wherever I go! 🙂

  55. My favorite would be the full-size, full-color printable planner. The colors are pretty without being overwhelming.

  56. The undated printed full size is my favorite

  57. My favorite planner is the half size printed version. I don’t have to worry about printing it and it would fit in my purse!

  58. I love the new versions!! I think my favorite is still the full size printable because I adore color, and definitely like room to scribble and list etc… I’m also a customizable junkie so this fits in perfectly for me 🙂
    I love everything in your shop, and I just started power sheets and am loving them!! I doubt I’ll be using anything else now!! Thanks for such awesome products!!

  59. They all make my heart go pitter patter, but if I had to choose one it would have to be the full-sized printed version! Thank you!

  60. How fun! I LOVE planners! I think my favorite would be the either the full-size printable or half-size printable planners. I like the half size for portability, but since my handwriting is big, I always appreciate room to write!

  61. lovely!! I love the printable mid size and the printed half size!!

  62. Love that I can easily print the Happy Planner size!! Thanks!

  63. Jennifer Overstreet says:

    I love all of them but I am loving the full-size the most! I like having room to write and have a place for everything.

  64. I would like the full size and undated. Because there is NO organization in our home!

  65. First, congrats!! This has to be so amazing to have it out in the world.
    My favorite would probably be the full size. Annnnd I would probably have it shipped to me, although I would miss all the color

  66. Michelle C says:

    My favorite is the full-size printable – love the colors!

  67. Would love the full size undated calendar!

  68. I love the mid-size!

    Right now I have a Happy Planner that I positively adore, and I actually chose not to use to Organized Life Planner that I had because it was full size. I’m so excited for this option in the future!!!

  69. I would love a full size!!

  70. Loving the undated planner so there’s no waste if I skip a week!

  71. I love the Undated Six Month Planner! I love the extra six months of calendar sheets for big picture planning!!!!

  72. These look so amazing! Great job and love the beautiful colours

  73. I love the full size undated printed version! So great!

  74. Loving the mid size!!

  75. I am so excited you have a printed version!
    I love spiral bound planners but have no resources near me that allow me to print and have it spiral bound.
    I am so excited to see these new planners.

  76. Marci Hira says:

    I love the full size printed planner because, as a mom, it’s hard to get my life together and remember to print, bind, and all that stuff! More convenient!

  77. Alethea Crossman says:

    Excited about preprinted Options!

  78. I love that this planner has everything all in one place. The mid-size printable is my favorite. That way I can add in pages if I want extra space. But the format is all set and super helpful.

  79. I still can’t decide on the full size or the half size… I’m definitely excited to be able to get them preprinted though.

  80. I like the full size printed version the best!

  81. I love the Half Size Printed Quarterly planner, because I love having a whole page for each day, having hourly slots to fill in, and the idea of being able to carry it around with me!

  82. Katherine says:

    The full-sized printable would be PERFECT for me! I usually keep several lists going alongside my daily planner and it would be super nice to consolidate this information! (p.s. really excited about this dreamy giveaway!)

  83. Thanks for the chance to win. I don’t have a planner, and this one looks like it would keep me organized.

  84. Jessica Ozburn says:

    This looks awesome! Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  85. I could use a planner that is written down. I have made up a schedule in my computer, but it’s not working out too well for me. It would really help to have something that I can write everything down in.

  86. I would like the mid size printable calendar because it is so customizable. However, I would probably choose the full size printed since it is ready to go.

  87. I like the full size academic planner the best

  88. Never used one of your planners. They are so pretty!!! Look very thorough!

  89. I am so excited to use this planner full time! (I’ve been flirting with it for awhile, haha) My favorite is the printable, because I love all the color. <3

  90. Brandy Fitzloff says:

    I love the mid size printable printer. I love being able to print on my own choice of paper and I love to customize it using the discs.

  91. Sarah Bauer says:

    So excited! This planner is the only one that’s ever worked for me!

  92. I love your lay out for a planner mom, wife, teacher and overall busy person like myself. I’m definitely going to purchase the colored printable one and use my disc’ s!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations!!

  93. I really love how you have those customizable packs! I’ve never seen that feature before!

  94. Karlene Hansen says:

    I love the full size ready to go planner, I like to have doodle room 🙂

  95. Sharon Chery says:

    I would like the Full-Size Printed Edition Planner, I like the idea of the full size sheets and the comprehensive details of that planner. I am not really organized so I need all the help I can get!

  96. Definitely prefer the full-sized one! I like all the space for everything I need to get down on paper!

  97. I love these! I think the full size one would best fit our needs.

  98. I love the academic planner. I’m a teacher so I tend to do the bulk of my planning August-May so it just fits my life better!

  99. Natasha Quinonez says:

    My favorite are the pre-printed ones!

  100. Fawn Bohlken says:

    I love the dated full size planner. The color printables, enough room to write everything down.

  101. These look fantastic! I love the mid sized printable. I kinda wish I would have waited for these.

  102. I love the full size best! Love that you can get one already bound and ready to go! 🙂

  103. Fawn Bohlken says:

    I like the full size dated printables with color printables inside. Sounds fantastic!

  104. I love how you incorporated the habit tracker in this planner! I am a fan of PowerSheets and weekly habits, so I was really excited to see this in your planner. I also love all the different boxes and checklist areas. It fits my organization habits perfectly!

  105. I’ve never used a weekly planner, but I love the design of this planner. I may be a convert!

  106. I like the mid-size printable planner because it’s just the right size to carry with me.

  107. Kellie Mangels says:

    I love the full-sized printed one. Mostly because I don’t have a printer at home to print the digital ones. 😉

  108. Isabel Ruvalcaba says:

    I’d love the full size 12 month printable planner!!!

  109. I’m excited to try out the printed half size. I like the small size and the half size seems easier to keep with me than the full size.

  110. I’m checking out the ready to ship versions. I could print but man I love when things are put together for me!!

  111. Becky Risinger says:

    My favorite is the mid sized planner! It’s the perfect size for what I need!

  112. I love all your blog posts about planning your day and simplifying things. It really helps you be more intentional about your time when you think it out in advance. All of these products look cool!

  113. Beth Smith says:

    Can the weekly pages be made to run Sunday-Saturday instead of Monday-Sunday? I really like the full size printable version!

  114. The full size looks great to me. 🙂 I don’t do any decorating in my planners, so I like for there to already be some happy colors. You’ve included some fun and useful features.

  115. Rebecca W says:

    I love the full page planner as I leave it at home anyway. It’s my Sunday afternoon task – think about the week ahead and start scribbling! I do like the reduced subheadings for more flexibility.

  116. I like the full size printed 6 month planner. It looks like it has plenty of room for me to get our crazy busy lives in there. 🙂

  117. Jayne Gautreau says:

    This would be a wonderful thing to win!! I’ve never used anything like this but I’m thinking it could be a huge benefit to my life and family!

  118. I love the undated full size planner-it’s so versatile!

  119. I have the full size and love it, but am really excited about the mid-size so I can more easily throw it in my purse!

  120. Allison McCawley says:

    I love that you can now get printed copies! I life the half size because it is easy to throw in my purse!

  121. I think the midsize planner would be perfect for me 🙂 I need to be more organized and I love to write it out. Digital planning isn’t cutting it for me. I love the spiritual aspects too! Looks like a great comprehensive planner for me!

  122. The mid-sized printable planner. I have that size now and love that if need be I can take it with, but usually just leave it open on my countertop. I’m loving all the areas to get organized with! I think it’d be much more helpful than the format I have now.

  123. The full size planner! I need room to write and plan!

  124. Amanda Felton says:

    The full size 6 month looks like the best one for me.
    Thank you for the chance.

  125. I love the mid size; the perfect size for on the go moms! Great work!!

  126. My favorite is the mid-size printable planner. I like that I could put it on my kitchen counter top and it won’t take up too much space 🙂

  127. Susan Dowdy says:

    Love love all the planners but my first one is the half size. I can take it anywhere. Thank you for all your work.

  128. Kim Pruitt says:

    I bought the full size printable planner before & I think it’s still my fav just because it has so much room to write everything!! I love everything you create!! ?

  129. I love the small printed quarterly planner (with additional 9 months for long range planning)! I’m sometimes overwhelmed by looking tokfar ahead, so a 3 month planner would be perfect. I think I could keep up with my planner for 3mimths at a time. And the size is perfect for keeping with my journals, Bible, etc. Love it!

  130. Tashanna Mills says:

    I have the homeschooling planner and love it! Am looking forward to trying the one for my day to day. I haven’t decided on which one to order they all look great!!

  131. Jessica Monroe says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I love the full-size printed planner. I like the ease of having it all bound for me, I need space to write things down, and I absolutely LOVE your weekly and monthly planning pages.

  132. margie norton says:

    The full size bound one. For all my home planning so I need plenty of room to write.

  133. I love the full size planner- that is what I have now and LOVE IT!

  134. I like the mid size, so i can take it with me….

  135. Mid-size looks perfect!

  136. My fave is the full size…plenty of room to write!

  137. I like the full sized and undated. They are all beautiful tho.

  138. The half sized printed one would be best for me. Already ready to go and can fit in a tote bag or purse easily!

  139. I love the full size printed planner, though I would love it if it came with the dates, because it’s one less step for me to do. 😉

  140. I am super excited about the spiral bound half size version! It would fit in my bag perfectly so I can never leave home without it!

  141. Hard choice! But I went with the full size printable one, because I LOVE color! I’m super excited about how it coordinates with the Power Sheets. I’ve just discovered these gems and am so excited to plan the second half of my year!

  142. My favorite is the full size printed edition!

  143. I’m so excited to try this planner! I have tried a few over the years, but they’re always missing something. This planner is what I’ve been looking for.

  144. Christine says:

    I like the full size!

  145. Leesi Franklin says:

    I think my favorite planner is the full size. I’m doing more research!

  146. Erin Purdy says:

    I have the printable version and I love it. I wish it were possible to purchase the printable version, but also be able to get the planner packs and customize.

    1. Erin Purdy says:

      I meant the printed version lol goodness typos

  147. I’ve chosen the printable mid-size. Portable with enough space for me to organize my days and my life. I’ve been looking for a planet that incorporates items important to me and I think I’ve found it!

  148. Lisa Fetty says:

    Love this, Kayse! Great job!!! I am a lover of the 7 x 9.25 size.

  149. Full size planner for me!

  150. Cynthia Hulker says:

    Full size for me!

  151. I would love the mid-size printed planner!!! Please please please pretty please?!?! 🙂

  152. Susan Wagner says:

    I like the changes that you have made and that it is now available preprinted and print yourself.

    Thank you for considering and evolving.

  153. Wow! You’ve been a busy girl, Kayse! I love the full-size printable planner. The layout isn’t too busy, yet it packs in so many important things that busy moms need to keep track of during the day. And I love how you used your Papermate Flairs to fill in the sample pages – that’s what I like to do too!

  154. Ruth Ward says:

    this looks very inspiring!

  155. I’m torn between the portability of the mid sized and the writing space in the full size that I’ve been using. Either way, I’m all for the flexibility of the printable version!

  156. The full size version would be my pick. Plenty of room to write and because you put it in a binder I can add whatever pages I would need.

  157. Elizabeth Boiman says:

    I will consider this one for my 2018 planner or is it to late

  158. Meagan Jones says:

    Printable seems like the best plan for me!!

  159. The full-size academic planner looks great! It looks like it has everything I would need and is beautiful!

  160. I love the full-sized printed version!

  161. I LOVE the full size printable one!!!

  162. I’m interested in the half-size planner. I’d like to take it with me.

  163. Melissa Lynch says:

    I think the full-size printable version would work best for me.

  164. Sarah Oneal says:

    I think the mid-size would be perfect for my purse. I have a planner on my desk I use to keep track of important items I need to do or be mindful of. But I would enjoy having a planner in my purse to jot down things on the go. I’ve been digital for years, but finding that using paper has caused me to be more productive. 🙂

  165. Karin Orwig says:

    The mid-size would be my favorite to fit in my Happy Planner rings.

  166. Karin Orwig says:

    I LOVE this planner! It has everything in it in a great view!!

  167. Katharine says:

    I think the mid-sized printed planner would be perfect. I’ve been playing around with going back to printed planners and am finally ready to commit. Thanks for the chance.

  168. Katharine says:

    The printed mid-size would be perfect. I’ve been playing around with going back to paper planners for a while and think I am ready to commit. Thanks for the chance.

  169. Cassandra says:

    The full-size printable is my favourite. I’m home most of the time and don’t mind it being bigger and bulkier. I think for those on the go a lot, the smaller would be more practical.

  170. Full-size printable seems best for me!

  171. I am so glad you came out with a midsize! I loved your format but the sizes were either to big or to small!

  172. I like the mid sized printable planner. I don’t like to lug around a full size planner and I like that I can print just what I want…I like doing a month at a time so I don’t have all those empty pages staring at me!

  173. Sarah Bayssassew says:

    I’m so excited to have a the planner printed FOR me! Moving to a new country, while being 5 months pregnant and trying to keep my family alive is pretty rough and I haven’t had the energy to get the planner printed so far. This is such a blessing to me 🙂

  174. I love the small quarterly planner. I love the add-on for Bible study too. Thanks for thinking of all types of moms including working moms.

  175. Paula Termeer says:

    I love the design and set up. I am a planner junkie with a crazy life and struggle to find something that works well for me! This one is a PLUS in my book!v

  176. I love the full size printed planner!! During this season of life I need the ease of having a planner already done for me.

  177. Melinda Busby says:

    I love the midsize printable. I have last years and love it but it won’t fit in my purse.

  178. The mid size planner looks like a great size to take to work with me.

  179. Crystal Young says:

    I like the printable mid-size version! This was a labor of love, thanks for creating it!

  180. I think i like the printable full size the best. I need space to write and I have an awesome professional grade printer my husband bought me for Mother’s Day a few years ago. I’m glad you offer the printable version and I am going to copy the idea of printing it by quarters or half years to keep it more manageable. I am excited to watch your video about integrating with power sheets! I’m hopeful your planner will replace PPP for me since it’s more useable and cheaper over all if I’m also buying power sheets.

  181. Brittany Brown says:

    Thanks for taking time to do the videos…that really helps! Now I’ve got to decide which one :). I love the planner packs, especially the homeschool one. It’s so hard to find a planner that will work for all of my different stuff – meal plan, homeschool plan, to-do list, housework, scheduling, and baking business. I think this might for the bill!

  182. Amy Joliet says:

    Hi Kayse -I like the idea of recapping each week before moving on to the next. The smaller size 7×9 planner seems like a convenient option!

  183. After seeing the printable version, I think I like that best! Thank you for taking the time to create these!

  184. Woohoo! I’m so excited about this! As far as which version is my favorite, I’m still trying to decide between the mid and half sizes. 🙂

  185. Jessica Spear says:

    I love your planner. I got the printable one last year, now I am going for your NEW printed one.Thank you for making the perfect Momma planner!

  186. Jessica Fletcher-Fierro says:

    I’m excited about the smaller pre-printed one. I don’t use a planner now, so that’s a good way for me to try it and see if I like it for a lower price.

  187. I’m still feeling torn– I love my full size and all of the space, but wish it was easier to carry! Either way, I think I’d have to go with the print at home, because one of my favorite things about this planet has been the ability to customize it!

    1. Oops, autocorrect got my name wrong. That’s what I get for posting from my kindle at 3:30 in the morning!

  188. Lisa Hendrick says:

    I LOVE this planner, I bought the undated version last time around and it’s awesome!! I printed it half-size and it works perfectly for me. Thanks Kayse!!

    1. How did you print it half-size? I would love to be able to do that so it would fit in my purse.

      1. The half-size version comes pre-printed, and all ready for you! 🙂 The mid-size version comes with printing instructions.

  189. The full size printable planner looks ideal!

  190. I’m a stay at home mom so don’t have the need to cart a planner with me, so I’d pick the printed 1/2 year planner. I had such a hard time finding a planner last year but fell in love with yours. Unfortunately it would’ve cost me over $80 to print and bind it, never mind the purchase, and that just isn’t in my budget. Not sure what these will cost after conversion and shipping to Canada but fingers crossed!

  191. And also does the undated come in midsize?

  192. These look great! I was wondering, have the undated editions also been updated (the download version) with the new look?

  193. I love the full size printable edition so I can add planner packs!

  194. The mid sized printable planner would be great! Room to write and plan as well as compact enough to carry in my purse!

  195. I have the full size from last year and it’s great but too much to pack around. I’d love the midsize then it could come with me.

  196. Kristi Wilson says:

    I like the full size academic one the best. Need a place for school notes too!

  197. This looks like an awesome planner. So far though, I’ve had no luck with paper planners. I am such a digital gal.

  198. Thanks for these great planners.

  199. I am so excited! The academic planner (full-size) looks perfect. I teach in a college setting and need a good planner to organize my work and home life.

  200. Rosemary Grabowski says:

    I love the full size best. I like having room to write EVERYTHING down, because right now my brain just does not keep info more than 30-45 seconds (or at least it seems like that)—LOL

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