The truth is that I am not called to make things happen for myself or my family - I am called to serve where the Lord has placed me, and trust Him to provide.


  1. I was doing a little research on the word Hustle as I just started a brand called Holy Spirit Hustlers, came across your post and adored it! So glad you are championing women with the Word, great work!

  2. Awethu mehlala says:

    Thank you so much, I’m a stay at home mom, pregnant with no. 2 and Im fortunate to have a husband letting me stay and raise the kids while he works hard for us. We are conservative and it’s the lifestyle of choice as we want to raise a successful family. I truly appreciate your post, you saved my life. I was feeling pressure because of seeing other people doing the hustle.

  3. Deb Jones says:

    Kayse, what a great post. I so wholeheartedly agree. I’m trying to get off the hustle road brought on by many health issues for my Mom. I’m forcing the doctor’s offices to not schedule things every day of the week and we are working to keep everything else to a minimum during this time. I shared this with our church women. Deb

  4. I needed this so much today! Thank you!

  5. Hey Kayse,

    I couldn’t agree more to everything you said. I learned that working and doing everything with love, honesty and integrity is what makes one happy and successful. Title, position, fame and money are temporary. Aim to help and to share. 🙂

  6. Thank you so much Kayse!
    Every now and than I, and I asume most people, need such a reminder.
    That was really helpfull!
    Thank you very much again!
    Praise and a big Hallelujah to our Lord for simply being amazing 🙂

  7. I love this post. Like, I’m hanging it on my fridge. I think a large part of this hustle mentality is the need for more, more, more. We bury ourselves in stuff and overwork ourselves (or go into debt) to do it. Yet, it doesn’t bring us joy. It might bring a little jolt of happiness but nothing lasting.

    I really appreciate how you focus on God and doing what God needs you to do, trusting God to take care of you while you faithfully follow Him. You’ve shared a beautiful message in a beautiful way. Thank you.

  8. Yes! I long ago gave up this race for myself, but now those messages are even more grating to me. It’s really sad.

    Thank you, Kayse, for so eloquently addressing this.

  9. I love this! It spoke to me. I am a blogger also. Can I share this with my readers?

  10. Fabulous post! Exactly what we need to hear. Thank you for writing this. You’ve put a lot of work in it. Much appreciated.

    My motto is “I write for an audience of One and whomever He invites”. Therefore He will grow my auduence as He sees fit. Though i have my part to do, and as a new blogger I have much to learn, I do not need to run myself ragged trying to make this happen.

    Again, great post, which I’m pinning as well. Blessings to you.

  11. Hi, Kayse. As you will see, I am not a mama – I’m a papa. Jilly is my beautiful wife (beautiful in many ways!) But I had to include a comment about the heading and the Pinterest plaques: “Good things come to those who hustle”, which I also believe is a lie. I was born again in my last year of primary school, in 1963. This caused me to believe it was right to put more effort into school – and of course it was – but how much effort?. My father was an atheist (he also had a temper) so I couldn’t go to him for advice, so I just worked hard, believing it was right. I had my first breakdown 4 years later. I had 3 more going through university, and I’ve had another 3 since – that’s 7 in total. All of these have come about because I didn’t know how much was enough. I just kept pushing myself because it was all I knew, and no church I attended ever addressed this subject. In fact, at the last church we attended regularly (many years later), the message in general was “You’re not doing enough!” Our daughter and her hubby left the same church a few months after we did, and when I asked why, she gave the same reason, only stronger:”You’re not doing enough!!!” This “push-push-push hustle-hustle-hustle” message (which is essentially what messed me up in high school) has greatly messed up my life. The last breakdown got me medically retired at age 53 (I’m now 65). So I agree with my wife: your blog is a blessing, and a much needed one! As you so rightly point out, the ‘fruit of the spirit’ has nothing to do with pushing and hustling. And most people who do it are doing it for them selves, and often to be seen by people – to show how magnificent they are. When they stand before Jesus, He will tell them that they had their reward – they had it on earth. (Matt 6:5, 16) I believe this is one of the reasons why we don’t often see these people being brought down; this is what they wanted, this is what they get, and they have their reward. They won’t get much when they stand before the Lord! Thank you for your blog!!!

  12. This is amazing and such a wonderful word in due season for me. It is as though you had written it just for me; I can’t believe how well it fitted.
    I am a Mama of 2 plus a bonus son in-law; our daughter married about 13 years ago. But we also have a son who is autistic, epileptic and has brain damage. So although he is 35 years old, he is still a child (it is very hard when the body grows up but the mind doesn’t). It is so easy to fall into the feeling that I am not do things right or fast enough to cover all bases, so thank you very much for this word. I shall try to remind myself of this blog post and come back to it when I am losing sight of my need to rest in God more than I probably do! It is funny that sometimes as wives and mamas, we need to be reminded to rest and give our bodies and minds a rest as well as give our Hubbies time. It is so sad that sometimes we get so busy doing things for our loved ones that we forget that the most important thing they need is a healthy meal and time spent with them.
    So thank you for this Godly reminder to rest in Him and work as unto Him and not as unto the world or the world’s way!!
    I know my precious Hubby of 37 years is going to love reading your post as he has been trying hard to get me to rest a bit more than I do, and my reply in most cases is, “I don’t have time for that! – you just don’t understand!” There is so much to do when looking after a child like our Josh…I am thinking I may need to keep this blog post secret from him… (Too late – I’ve read it! Anto)
    Much Love Jilly. oxo

    P.S. Your blog blesses me as I often feel I don’t fit into most groups in life – I am a Mama of grown children and yet I am also a Mama of a ‘35 year-old 7 year-old’ so, as you can see, life can at times be a tad confusing. But here on your blog, I don’t feel like that, so thank you for that feeling of belonging!

  13. Thank you, Kayse, for being willing to ‘go against the flow’ and present a biblical perspective in this area.

  14. I love this post. I recently realized that my calling and what I love to do – write – had become a source of stress and anxiety to me. With all the things I “should” be doing, I felt overwhelmed and tired just thinking about it. As I was praying about how exhausted I felt, God reminded me that wasn’t what HE had called me to. HE had asked me to be faithful to write – and in my mad rush to try to do all the things, I wasn’t even doing much of that! It’s so easy to get distracted and busy in this world (Martha anyone?), but this post is a good reminder that hustle is NOT where it’s at!

  15. I probably would have ignored you 6 months ago, before I was so full of depression, despair and fatigue from the constant rush. I am a homeschooling mama of 2 teen girls. I did not homeschool my 23 year old prodigal son, so I was determined not to lose my daughter’s. Instead of resting, i was pushing them and pushing myself. I wish I had known better. I was worrying about everything instead of resting. I have spent several thousands of dollars recovering physically from the worry stress, and hustle, which was likely half of what other women do to try to be superwoman. God is the super one and we need to let Him be super through our weakness, through our vulnerability, through our resting, trust, and reliance on Him.

  16. This post is so needed. And that definition of “hustle” cuts deep. Thank you for writing this post and reminding us what matters. xo

  17. This is such a timely article. My mouth almost dropped open when I read the definition of hustle. I’m a new sahm blogger and I identify with everything you wrote. I needed this. Thank you for boldly sharing your heart.

  18. Kayse, this is wonderful!
    Thank you for these words. I am so glad that you shared them today. They spoke right to my heart.

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