1. This is such a great reminder, yet so easy to forget and get bogged down by the lopsided perspective of “have to.”

  2. Thanks for your transparency. I love how you express yourself on paper.
    Now married and fulfilling my dream of staying married and training my children, I was so fulfilled but only because I has to passionately press in to Him for HELP.
    My struggles were as you described so I just wanted to be an older woman who had to stay focused on Him and encourage you and tell you, yiu will have no regrets for spending time with your babies. My spiritual journey was in homeschooling. But we
    made many fun memories and now I find
    myself asking God for what is next. He is showing me. Keep pressin into Jesus. He never lets you down.
    I have lost two brothers in 4 years.
    Grief messes with your mind. Had to
    spend much time with Jesus and it was all
    so eorth it.

  3. Thank you Kayse for that wonderful reminder. I too am a list maker and many times a “list slave.” I needed to hear again that this life we get to live is a blessing and the actions and responsibilities that are ours are not burdens but a gifts. Shifting our thinking re-connects us with joy. Be blessed!

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