1. Mom of 2 boys says:

    We received a slack line as a present and have since added ninja hand holds for the guide line. Between that and a simple tree swing and my boys are set for hours, and in the shade too so no worries about sun burns. They also garden in a 4ft patch of dirt they are currently using to grow pumpkins, but other years has been used to dig holes, make hills for toy trucks, study ants and beetles, make a stick fort. Kid garden tools are better and last longer in metal instead of plastic.

  2. My niece loves water tables, she can’t get enough of them. And I really like the idea of using a beverage dispenser for bubble solution. Does it actually work well? Or are clogs a common problem?

  3. This is a great list. I love that you try to target fun and imaginative toys. I think my favorite is just a everyday run of the mill red kickball. There are so many great outdoor games you can play with it.

  4. alyssazech says:

    We have a mini trampoline for indoors and outdoors. In the summer I pull it out in the front yard and the kids all love it! And don’t underestimate the power of a hose! 🙂

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