1. good morning

    do you have a his word in our hearts for june and july

    1. Hi Aida! The summer plan is in our resource library. It’s not specifically a June or July study, but one to last through the entire summer. If you need help accessing the library, let me know!

  2. I was a subscriber but have gotten Aprils reading plan yet. So I did something crazy and subscribed again and got Feb plan.

    1. Hi Angie! All the plans are on our resource page, which you get access to as a subscriber. When you confirmed your subscription, you should have been sent an email with instructions. If you can’t find that, just email me at [email protected]!

  3. Clarissa Jacobs says:

    This is my favorite chapter in the Bible and I would love this plan. Can you email it to me?

  4. Marijo Hamlin says:

    I’m starting to get serious with my bible studies and I would love to give your monthly scripture writing plan a go and dive even deeper into His word.

  5. Marijo Hamlin says:

    I’m excited to get started.

  6. I was a little confused when I went to download the April Bible Reading plan when all the dates had March listed on the dates but I figured it out. LOL! I enjoyed last month’s devotional reading very much, and I look forward to April’s devotionals!

    1. Ah! I’m so sorry – it’s updated and correct now!

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