1. I just found your blog today through Pinterest. (The link didn’t work it was a post from 2013 though.) I absolutely LOVE Friends. It’s been a while since I watched the whole series through but I can pretty much quote the whole thing too. My husband tries but usually botches the quotes. He hasn’t watch the whole series though. My sister and my bestie got me into it. Funnily though I didn’t start watching it until after it went off the air! Crazy.

    Here are my 5 things.

    1. I’m married to a retired soldier. He is 11 years older than me. People always look at me weird when I tell him he’s retired! (Although he is working full time and going to school full time!!)

    2. In the span of a year (2011-2012) I lost my cat of 14 years, Grandma, Grandpa, and my Daddy. I have been dealing with depression ever since.

    3. I’ve been blogging for 18 years! Holy Crap!! And I am working on my new blog now.

    4. I live with my husband, my sister, my cat, my sister’s dog and my stepdaughter until she moves in with her best friend next year. She’s a freshman in college.

    5. I have lost count of how many direct sales companies I have tried! I am currently in two different ones.

  2. 1. I am a 41 year old stay-at-home mom with six children ages 7 to 22, with a nine year gap between Kid 1 and Kid 2. 3 girls. 3 boys.

    2. I have know Jesus my entire life and asked him to be my Savior when I was 14. I belong to an AMAZING church family.

    2. I was adopted by my grandmother and step-grandfather when I was 5. My family dynamics are interesting to say the least. Most people need a map to understand my family tree and therapy afterward.

    3. Most people think I am uber organized and always have my crap together because my house is usually clean (picked up and neat). Not the case at all. My truck is ALWAYS a mess. We recently built a 4100 sq. foot house with almost 0 attic space. My garage is a disaster area. We have a storage unit full to the rafters. And I refuse to bring another box in this house until every scrap of everything has been looked at, thrown away, or has a permanent place to “live”. I don’t think we will ever be full moved in.

    4. I was recently diagnosed with ADD and clinical OCD (I don’t count (except kids) or have quirks or ticks). But things do have to be in almost perfect order for me to be able to function.

    5. I HATE when my kids have homework and tests to study for tests. It adds a whole new level of anxiety to my already hectic life. 5 kids times 7 subjects. Makes me crazy just thinking about it.

    Numbers 3 through 5 are what prompted me to search for a new planner which is how I found you. I just want to be the best version of me I can be. Looking for all the help I can get. Am seriously considering designing my own planner based on my personal needs and the pros and cons from your reviews. But who has time for another project???

  3. 1.I’m 50 now!! 2. I love jesus?
    3.Im a caregiver/ student studying paralegal. 4. I love pintrest.
    5. I found a wonderful awesome friend,Kayse Pratt!!!

  4. Ok had to read everyone’s before I could post mine. Sort of like wanting to know what everyone at the table is ordering in case it is better than what you picked out haha.
    1. I was married to my first husband for 18 years, and in 20 days I wil celebrate my 17th anniversary to my current husband.
    2. I got married on our lunch break, in a conference room, by a noterary public. Our vows where, and I quote, “Do you?” “Yes” “Do you?” “Yes” “Ok your married.” A cake grime the store and back to work.
    3. I have 8 children G (35) B (34) B (32) B (29) B (35) G (34) G (27) G (25) <—are my husbands kids. We are the Grimley Bunch haha.
    4. I have 12 grandchildren here and 1 in Heaven.
    5. I am 53 years old and have had over 25 surgeries since 1997. I am a medical, anamoly, and miracle as I should be dead 3 times now.
    And now you no more about me than my Pastor, and most of the people in my church.
    I enjoyed doing this thank you.
    I think I will try this on my web site, if I can figure out how haha.

  5. This is fun! Here I go:
    1) mom is my 5th career while I’m starting a 6th of designer/small business owners. Others in order are: actor/dancer/singer, hotel manager, Executive Assistant, missionary/teacher (ESL, ‘s dance).
    2) I’m a GEEK: sci-fi & languages.
    3) My strongest Spiritual Gifts are diametrically opposed: creativity & organization
    4) I really am ok that my son’s (3.7) 2 strongest languages aren’t my native tongue.
    5) I’m a lot older than I look ?.

  6. 1)I met my husband in the break room Walmart when I was 17 and he was 20, he drew a picture for me which I kept. We met again at a Halloween party when I was 28, a copy of the picture was included in our wedding “schedule.” (What is the word Iam looking for?)

    2) I would never allow anyone to read my papers in high school or college. Now I blog.

    3) I consider myself to have grown up on “FRIENDS” and watched the seriea finale on my last night as a college student.

    4) I am in bed, selfishly praying that no one goes into labor so that I don’t have to work tonight.

    5) I can think in Swedish and Spanish mix them up when I open my mouth.

  7. Wow
    1. I obsess on saying just the right things in comment sections… Lol jk
    1. I love learning. I am a perpetual student, in college, on my own & everywhere I can get information.
    2. I have two daughters 2 & 2months (5 babies in heaven). They are my greatest joy and source of lack of sleep?
    3. I love cheesey Christian movies with actors like Kirk Cameron
    4. I wish that I could write well; I want to write children’s books
    5. I have 1 cat, 2 dogs and although I love my dogs to no end, cats are simply easier.

  8. 1. Not only did I practically grow up in a cemetery, but I spent many summers cleaning entire mausoleums. Talk about fun times…
    2. I have never been on a date. (Skipping the country for 10 years might not have helped that.) 😉
    3. I only write with “uni-ball .7” pens.
    4. I talk or sign to myself in the store.
    5. I have about 30 recipes floating around in my head waiting for enough time to try them all out.

  9. Hmmmmmm….where to start:
    1. I am a mother of two (5G, 4B), a farmer’s wife and full time worker from Australia
    2. Not having come from a family farm or even a family business I did not realise that when you marry a farmer you marry the whole family AND THE FARM!
    3. I grew up in a non Christian household. We were Bahai’s. It made Easter and Christmas two of the most lonely times of the year.
    4. Regrets. I live them. I have no idea how to get past them
    5. I run. Alot. Generally about 25km a week. It started after I had severe post natal depression after baby number 2. The doctor told me to exercise and I have never stopped. But I’m not skinny! (fit fat – i call it!!)

  10. This should be easy since all you know about me is my email address ?
    1. I have been married for almost 19 years- I call him “Husband” in public and refer to him as “the Mister” in the third person.
    2. I have 5 children (20 B, 17 G, 15 B, 12 B, 4G) plus 2 more in heaven.
    3. I homeschool…or a reasonable facsimile ? jk
    4. It’s been 19 years since I’ve surrendered my life “for real” to Jesus and that’s 18 years and 49 weeks longer than the enemy whispered in my thoughts I would last.
    5. I LOVE coffee and cooking and baking. Not so much dishes…

  11. 1) I was stung by a huge jellyfish. Like skin burned off my entire leg and screaming bloody murder the whole time. It was a summer vacation gone wrong. Apparently I needed someone to pee on my leg. ::nudge nudge wink wink::

    2) There was a 5 foot long albino cobra in my yard when I was a teenager. I have a picture of myself holding it up by the end of the tail after it was killed.

    3) I got a tip of $100 on a cup of coffee when I worked at an IHOP in college.

    4) I hate sharing. I went into labor on my birthday and was so sad that we might have the same birthday. I cried tears of joy when our daughter was born the day after.

    5) I went swimming in the Ganges River. As an adult, anytime I think about it I feel the need to bathe in bleach. Ashes of the dead bodies people. Ashes of the dead bodies. Not to mention all the other things.

    1. The only thing I knew on this list was #4!!! Which is why we are friends, because I don’t like sharing either. Namely food. Also, I’m laughing that you worked at IHOP. 🙂

  12. Wow! That serial dater. :/ It was nice to read through this list and get to know you a bit, Kayse. You have a gorgeous site and you’re doing some great stuff — especially like the idea of your two books. You go girl. Happy to be visiting today from #WFMW.

  13. Leashie W says:

    I so glad to know someone who also hates lotion! We’re a minority I’m sure. I think it almost feels suffocating and I have to be desperate to consider it. So, my skin is usually way too dry (and this gets worse after 40. Sadly.) But it’s better than feeling slimy!

  14. 1. I love to cook and wish for a open ended budget to cook whenever/however…but have NO interest in owning or running a restaurant or diner or anything like that.
    2. I preach change and tolerance for new things/ideas CONSTANTLY to my 3 teenagers but secretly HATE it with a passion and cringe literally whenever its asked of me.
    3.I LOVE COFFEE and LOVE my am ritual of bible reading..journaling.
    4. I LOVE cats…tolerate dogs…and that only because hubby “had” to have one and “I” am the one taking care of it…sigh
    5.I enjoy making homemade cards..A wonderful hobby but sometimes expensive..I LOVE my craft room(thanks hubby)..attached to cat room of course..and try to spend time down there when I can…which is not often enough

  15. susan wagner says:

    1. I am a librarian, I have wanted to be one side grade 5 and 20 years later I am still one
    2. I have been a surrogate twice for the same family
    3. Even though I am a librarian I don’t read a lot, I am an organizer and love getting books in the students hands.
    4. I love to give, (helping with getting donationsfor our church. etc.) but don’t really like to get.
    5. I love love love extra pulpy orange juice. Yummy.

  16. tina smith says:

    I will be 53 in October.
    I have lived in the same town my entire life.
    I have a business degree but really never used it.
    I love scripture writing..
    Love to watch British television shows.

  17. I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was 8
    I am scared of clowns, aliens, and scorpions (they all give me the willies)
    I am the only female in the house (my husband, 3 sons, dog and cat)
    I love to watch football and basketball no matter the league
    My favorite movie is Top Gun

  18. 1. I started dating my now husband at 16….long distance.
    2. Even though I’m 6’3″ I stink at all sports.
    3. I love archery, I started at age 6. My father taught me.
    4. I am a Jane Austen fan, and have watched Pride and Prejudice countless times.
    5. I will be run/walking in a Warrior Dash this year as part of my “before I turn 30” bucket list.

  19. I will be 50 this fall….wow
    I have known Jesus had this child like faith in Him ever since I can remember
    I love to pray
    I worked as a nurse ( administrative) but mostly at the bedside in critical care for 32 years.
    I am from India but have lived here for over 30 years

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