1. I also have a binder for my go-to recipes. The only recipes that go into the binder are tried and true recipes that I know I love. It has helped me so much! There is also a section for special meals like “Thanksgiving” so that everything is already together.

  2. I’m working on this too. Currently, I have a pretty 2 1/2″ binder full of recipes from all over the internet that have earned their stains as we tried them in the past 3-4 years while we’ve been doing freezer cooking. I have 3 (gasp!) 3-inch binders full of recipes we want to try after tossing magazines, free recipe inserts from food products, etc., and probably another 1200 recipes I want to try on Pinterest. At some point when my boys aren’t diving off the couch & attempting to eat whatever small non-food objects they can find, I really want to print our favorites on pretty paper & add pictures of all of them. I hate that we don’t have some of my great-grandmother’s recipes for our favorite dishes, because I come from a long line of great cooks who never write down their recipes. Trying to change that for my kids 😉

  3. Hi Kayse,
    Will you be photocopying your favourites from your recipe books or typing / handwriting them on paper?
    Sounds like a fantastic idea. I don’t like the clutter either

    1. I used to type them out, but now I handwrite them, for the most part. 🙂

  4. I’ve had a recipe binder for years, and I love it! Mine has the more traditional categories, since an aunt initially made it for me as a gift. But all of the recipes are printed on pretty paper and it makes me smile. Several of the recipes in there are ones that she initially added and I haven’t tried all of those yet, but when I try a new recipe that I (and now my husband) like, I print it out and add it. I still have several cookbooks, and a ridiculous number of recipes on Pinterest. But I use Pinterest more as a place to save recipes I’m interested in making, and then move them to a board for things I actually made off of Pinterest along with notes in the comments when I do try them. And since mine are more traditional categories, I’ve recently started keeping a list on Evernote of the most tried-and-true recipes by those easier categories, like crock pot, along with which location to find them so I can incorporate the cookbook recipes I do use regularly.

  5. Love the recipe organizer. Just spent half an hour last night digging for a recipe. I am going to work on this project this summer and make 2 extra. That way when my daughters get married they will have all of their favorites when they leave!!

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