1. Brilliant cleaning tips! It’s always helpful to learn new cleaning ways. As a housewife I like to improve and learn for more efficient cleaning tricks!

  2. I never knew that you could scrub shower doors with dryer sheets to get rid of nasty soap scum. I have been trying to deep clean my home. Thanks for the spring cleaning tips.

  3. My four-year old son was drawing with crayons and now my white table cloth is very colorful! 🙂 I tried to wash it in the washing machine but it didn’t really work so I decided to search opinions on the Internet. I am happy that I found your post! I will try the vinegar ASAP! I really appreciate all the wonderful cleaning tips that you shared! Thanks!

  4. I completely agree that good old vinegar and baking soda are the key to all cleaning issues. They taught it to us in 8th grade and they should teach it to us again!

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