1. I love Rice Krispy Treats. I add a little vanilla extract to the butter/marshmallow mixture. You can’t go wrong by adding vanilla!

  2. I like these better than my kids but I get rave reviews when I add a couple handfuls of colored mini marshmallows just before I put them into the pan to cool…so I guess I get my extra marshmallows right there, lots of gooeyness and a little extra color and flavor.

    1. I should add that the mini marshmallows are not fully integrated…little smears of color in the squares

  3. Thanks, now I want Rice Krispie treats! 😉

  4. I don’t bake, so Rice Krispy Treats are a go-to dessert around here. But … I use the microwave. It was so freeing to realize they tasted the same when I did. 🙂

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