1. I try to start off fresh by waking my children up with back rubs and hugs. Starts the day off on a sweet note!

  2. This post was so encouraging, thank you. I’ve been really trying to become more intentional about my days so that I can actually see the progress we make as a family!

  3. I start fresh by crossing things off my calendar or to do list. This allows me to feel a sense of success before I even finish my coffee and motivation for the day!

  4. Great post friend! I’m featuring it this week of Happy and Blessed Home’s Family Fun Friday. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I really loved this part “When the voices of guilt, defeat and condemnation come creeping in, we can choose to reject them. Condemnation paralyzes us and makes us feel hopeless. Instead, let’s draw on the Holy Spirit’s power and wisdom, so we can learn from our mistakes and take positive, God-driven action.” Thanks a lot for this life inspiration. This is a good reminder of how imperfect and disappointing life can be but we should be able to keep the mind of Christ in us!

  6. This is great, and I love that cover! Spending even 5 minutes with God in the morning. Or turning on praise music and singing loud!

  7. I try to start each morning with a prayer thanking God for my blessing!

  8. I try to have just a few minutes of dedicated “Me” time each day. Not just mindless internet surfing or TV watching, but intentional “Me” time. Put on a video or sent the big kids out to play, & if the baby won’t nap, give her some pack n’ play time. Then do something I really enjoy & often neglect to do for about 10-15 min. Fix a cup of tea then read or sew are what I love to do. Just that mini-moment of rest from all the craziness helps me to re-center myself, & come back to my kids refreshed & in a better mind set.

  9. Every day when I wake up I try to really see the light coming in the room and I focus on how different, even if just slightly, it is from the day before. This gets me thinking of God and all he created for us, for me! And, if He can make every day different then I know I can begin my day as new.

  10. Every morning I pray that God’s grace would fill in the gaps where I make mistakes as a mom. I also pray that I would not be distracted by my agenda because that is when I lose patience the most.

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