1. Your schedule looks so much like ours! Except our mornings usually start later, but I am working on changing that. I’ve always worked in time blocks, but only recently learned there was a name for it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Casey, thanks for sharing! I can totally relate – and have used time blocking successfully for years. It seems like the perfect amount of structure and freedom for a productive/fun day with your babies!

  3. Kayse, oh, how true! When I give God that time in the morning and commit the day to Him, He directs the day and I feel peace. And, when I don’t, oh my.

    Time blocking is new for me, but is working really well. I’m not rigid, and it looks a little different the way I do it, but both in my home and my business duties, I find time blocking very effective! Great post.

  4. So need this! I literally wrote on my must do list, right before reading the rest of this blog that I started reading hours ago, Prioritize God & Family. It’s actually a time the bottom of my full list, but certainly not of my heart.

  5. Love this! Your day looks very similar to ours! I’ve also added mono-tasking inside the time-blocks and it works great!

  6. Great ideas! I love time blocking, it seriously works so well! Sticking to it, on the other hand…:) I appreciate your insight on it!

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