1. I like that you said thought marriage was IT but when u got married you realized that God IS IT
    When we are single and sad and lonely hurting and stuff its easy to forget that God IS IT, IS ENOUGH, IS OUR ALL IN ALL
    When we just yearn to be loved by another human being
    Happy 6 years and wishing you many more to come

  2. Congrats! It seems the statistics forget to look at the WHYs behind it. My husband and I are at 7.5 years and haven’t had a ton of fighting (thanks to the book “Love and Respect” teaching us to respond to each others ugly moments with mercy instead of a need for justice, the Holy Spirit guiding me (in our biggest fight He was strongly telling me to go apologize for my part) & Him teaching me to stop and pray in those rough moments.) Apparently He had a lot of humility lessons for me and still have coming! It seems when we take a focus off making quality time together (both our Love Languages) & go on autopilot instead of continuing to work on marriage, we don’t connect as well. We really struggled to like each other when our first child was born. We have little safeguards that help us- stopping to kiss each other when one of us comes home or leaves, capping how many events out we do each week, and currently trying to keep each other in check with technology use when we are together. When I was in my young 20s I had Disney mentality- you just live happily ever after, but it’s work to have a strong marriage- work at 6 months, work at 60 years. Sadly I know couples at 20, 30 & 45 years of marriage that are crumbling because life struggles, kids, pride, etc eventually took precedent over marriage. It reminds me we always have to be on guard those little wedges creeping in & have to be intentional.

  3. “You can choose to work through them together, or work through them alone.” <–LOVE this! My husband and I have fought a lot too, but we always manage to get through things somehow.

  4. Happy anniversary! I will celebrate 27 years in a few weeks. Oh the stories I could tell. We’ve weathered some fierce storms and haven’t quite come through to the other side yet, but God is at the center and keeps us running to Him. Hugs!

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