1. I love that you included technology. We homeschool now, but we haven’t always. I was so sad when the school that my kids went to added ipads. We’ve been homeschooling since 2016, and it has been wonderful for all of the reasons you listed.

  2. Yes! These are a few of the reasons I feel so sad after the school holidays and the children go back to traditional school. I unfortunately can’t homeschool because of health issues, but I wish I could. Enjoy your every minute, Kayse.

  3. Yes! We have experienced a lot of this ourselves. Traditional brick and mortar school took up so much time, we constantly had homework or projects to finish during “family time” and my kids were constantly fighting, yelling, or talking back. We went with a fexible virtual school where school is all done during school time and my kids are free for helping on our farm, sports, and music classes. The change made out family stronger! Now with 2 in middle school and 1 in elementary, we will not go back!

  4. Good for you Kayse! I have two kids both in traditional school, but we certainly face all of the struggles you mention. Technology use is a problem at the school, as is the lack of downtime across the board. Kudos to you for having the courage to make changes again and again as you see fit. I think you are right that discipleship requires a slow, consistent and not too stressful pace.

  5. I’ve been homeschooling my now 8th grade son since the start of the pandemic, and I share many of your reasons. My son is definitely a kid who needs downtime and time to pursue his interests, and 6.5 hours/day of school plus 1+ hour of homework, 30 minutes of instrument practice, and a couple of other extracurriculars just doesn’t leave time for that.

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