1. Andrea Sellers says:

    Remember it is not bribery, but an incentive, if you get the kids to do the desired activity first and then provide the reward. 🙂

  2. Great insight for today! I’m sharing what has worked best for me. I work in 90 day chunks. I ‘attempt’ to implement new schedules, tools into the 90 days and then assess what’s working and what’s not and the make adjustments attempting to tweak it and not burn it down. Love the chore charts and laminating, a favorite of mine.

    1. YES to 90 day chunks!!! We love to plan in quarterly “seasons”. It really helps zoom in that focus!

  3. Hi Kayse,

    I am going to finally get a chore plan using the chore lists you created for my daughter. I am also going to laminate it so she can clearly see what she needs to do.


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