1. It’s funny that you’re posting this this week as this is a Holy Week for us and we’re having more rest and play time than usual. After that we’re going to make some changes to our studies and really hone in on Bible and what it means to believe in Yeshua and follow Him and to live out His character. We’re also going to begin a THM curriculum to focus on what it means to eat and live in a healthy way. We’ll be making adjustments to our general schedule as we go.

  2. What an awesome reminder. This was just the encouragement I needed on this Monday. I’m curious to know what chores you hand over to your kids, and how you know what they are ready to be responsible for? That maybe sounds like a crazy question, but I often have the sneaking suspicion that my expectations are too low, yet I talk myself into thinking my expectations are too high when my kids protest or grumble. How much time per week would you say that your kids spend working on their chores?

    1. My kids spend about 45 minutes to an hour a day on chores – keep in mind we homeschool right now, so they definitely have the time. This will change a bit during the school year as they are returning to traditional school. Right now, they do the dishes, put the dishes away, feed and water the dog, practice piano, get some exercise in, read, and during the summer they do one fun math sheet. All of this has to be done before any screens turn on. In addition to those things, we focus on one area of the house about once a week right now, and they help me with that (for example, floors, bathrooms, etc.) – we all work together during that time. They also do their own laundry beginning to end, and help me make dinner one night a week, so they can learn how to make that meal. They still love helping in the kitchen though, so I don’t think that feels like a chore to them. The dishes and laundry definitely do, though!

  3. Thanks for the encouragment (AKA kick in the bum!) to refresh.

    I plan, Lord willing, to complete the first draft of Your Anchored Home for my business/ministry (biznistry) routines. It’s been half done for about 3 months and now is the week to finish it…plus, it’s a sunny day and starting to hint that it may be getting warmer out for Spring!!
    🌿 M 🐟

  4. Lorna Plant says:

    I’ve just started a full-time job. I’ve asked my family to put their dishes in the dishwasher. Before they only had to get them off the table and on the counter. Now I need to find or make a clean/dirty sign for the dishwasher.

  5. Andrea Sellers says:

    Remember it is not bribery, but an incentive, if you get the kids to do the desired activity first and then provide the reward. 🙂

  6. Great insight for today! I’m sharing what has worked best for me. I work in 90 day chunks. I ‘attempt’ to implement new schedules, tools into the 90 days and then assess what’s working and what’s not and the make adjustments attempting to tweak it and not burn it down. Love the chore charts and laminating, a favorite of mine.

    1. YES to 90 day chunks!!! We love to plan in quarterly “seasons”. It really helps zoom in that focus!

  7. Hi Kayse,

    I am going to finally get a chore plan using the chore lists you created for my daughter. I am also going to laminate it so she can clearly see what she needs to do.


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