1. I love how with Grove Collaborative you can change your subscription order each month. Other ones make you get the same cleaner every X number of weeks. I also love how they price match if you email them the link to a product cheaper elsewhere. Love them!!! (Not affiliated – just a happy customer).

  2. I’m the same way, walking into Target is dangerous! I love how you incorporate your kids into spring cleaning. Mine always “help” with cleaning as in emptying out the washer and dryer clothes onto the floor. But I love their hearts. Thanks for sharing the epantry tip!

  3. If punishment is going to backfire, at least it’s in a way that will benefit you long term! I have gotten as far as making my spring cleaning list. I like to stare at it, feel daunted, then push it aside. I’ll get to step 2 eventually… I hope!

  4. Should we be sorry that the punishment backfired? Great tips, and it sounds like cleaning might get a lot less stressful once my kid is old enough to help.

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