1. I’ve been writing a sentence or 2 in the notes section of my daily SOS planner about what I learned and how to apply it. Then I can easily see it throughout the day and week! So helpful!

  2. Thank you, Kayse, this is great! I have used a very similar system to yours, and just wanted to add that I found it useful, especially while reading through the New Testament, to have two different highlighter colours for statements that apply to ‘all people’ vs. those that apply to ‘the redeemed’. I found that helped me to understand the difference that the work of Christ has made for us, his followers, and it gave me great encouragement.

  3. Amie PARHAM says:

    I am struggling HARD with getting back into my Bible habit. I’ve found it helps me to listen to it through the YouVersion app, while following along in my physical Bible. It is extremely helpful to keep me from getting distracted!
    Another tip I heard, is to keep a distraction notebook nearby, and when you think of all those things you need to do next, instead of getting up and doing them, write it down and do it when you’re done with your study. I have been writing these notes in my regular Bible study book.
    Great tips Kayse! I appreciate the encouragement!

  4. Thank you for keeping the emphasis of Bible study on God and his story and not on sinful man. I applaud you for this and your 4 simple steps.

  5. Natasha Oosthuizen says:

    Kayse, thank for the practical guide. It is such a pleasure hearing how other mom’s do their home studying . I do wish I had a proper routine in place, but unfortunately I am still only thinking about doing an in depth Bible study with my kids. We are a Christian family but have neglected to do what we need to at home, and solely relied on Church Services and Sunday school to spend time with God. Not good enough! I am embarrassed about the neglect, and I am moving towards rectifying it very soon. I have 3 kids aged 14, 15 and 15, so reading the children’s versions of Bible stores are not ideal. I fear that taking the Bible and simply starting cover to cover is also not going to work. Do you have any suggestions for a mom who will have to start from scratch to get the family enjoying and learning from the Bible.

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