1. My kids LOVE Octonauts.

  2. Sofia the first…Sofia does kind things and whenever she’s naughty she gets “cursed” until she can make it better. (For the record she’s often not the trouble maker but the one who noticed the problems). She’s a princess who shows that just because you are a girl you can still like and do things that are “boy” things.

  3. Emily Ekegren says:

    We have watched just about every episode of these great shows! I’d love to find ideas for the next age group, the 9-12 range maybe.

    1. Yes! These are so difficult to find. Most of the characters in this range are disrespectful and already discussing puberty topics that my boys aren’t ready for.

  4. Sabrina Kehler says:

    My kids and I love Justin Time. It tells of different countries. We are Canadian, so I am not sure if we have some of the series you listed, but we use Magic School Bus and Veggie Tales as well.

  5. My Grace loves Word Party on Netflix. It’s pretty cute.

  6. We love that Reading Rainbow is on Netflix now! My 2 year old also loves Little Einsteins 🙂

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