1. I have been catching up on some of your older blog posts and so blessed by them. This is exactly the topic that I have been wrestling with this entire YEAR, with many starts and stops and lots of frustration.

  2. Jessica Brewster says:

    My biggest problem is time. I never have any. I have a 9 month old and a 6 year old (with aspergers). I never get my house completely clean. Lately we’ve stayed behind schedule in schoolwork. I never get ti just sit and enjoy my family.
    In short, I NEED this blog lol!

  3. Time management is definitely my biggest struggle!! I have heard plans but get so sidetracked by social media and other time wasters!

  4. My biggest problem is not knowing what to focus on when there is so much I want to do.

    1. I totally understand. Stay tuned – I’ll be announcing my own planner next month, and it addresses this very issue!! 🙂

  5. Melissa Moore says:

    I hate to admit it, but if I am honest, I’d have to say it’s myself! After a severe illness at the beginning of my marriage and then a couple of years of not feeling like myself, I’m afraid that I have ended up with some bad habits and struggle to be disciplined like I’d planned and hoped that I would be.

    1. I could have written this exact thing a year ago. I really really understand. So glad you’re here!!

  6. I lack the stick to it talent. All my great ideas and solutions are short lived and then we crash back into chaos until I try again. Though I can see a little progress if I look way back.

  7. Melissa Fleeger says:

    My biggest struggle is time management and organization which go hand in hand for me. Trying to find the right routine.

  8. My biggest obstacle is expecting too much from myself. Then I feel defeated when I don’t have the time or energy to do it all.

  9. My biggest problem would be trying to find balance in the day to day things. I have great intentions and plans, for a week or two, and then I just give up. I feel like a failure at the end of the day as a child of God, a mother, wife and homemaker. Thank you for all you do Kayse! You really do help alot of us!

  10. My biggest struggle is figuring out when it’s okay to just sit and be still and when I just need to power through and get stuff done. I so struggle feeling guilty anytime I’m not “working”, so I stress out and burn out! 🙁 (then I become intense,grumpy mom, and that is NOT who I want to be!)

  11. monica cassell says:

    My biggest obstacle is knowing it has to be done over and over! It seems as soon as its clean it gets messed up again.

  12. Very exciting! Thanks for your good work, Kayse!

  13. My biggest challenge right now is over scheduling. I really think I can do it all – then I try – then I crash and burn. Tears. Drama. Ugh. I’m trying to really simplify and streamline the more ‘mundane’ things so that I can have time to do what really matters. I’m in school, starting a business and have two toddler boys – I need efficiency and flexibility. And, of course, to not try to Be Super Woman.

  14. As a single mom of 3 (2 teenagers and 1 almost teenager) who works full-time out of the home, I struggle with keeping my head on straight most days. My biggest obstacle is just having enough time to do what needs to be done and still enjoy life. I’m seriously considering outsourcing my laundry because I can’t keep up. I’d love to afford a weekly housekeeper but it’s not in the budget right now.

  15. Jessie Ansley says:

    My biggest obstacle is trying to remember in challenging times that balance isn’t possible. With an ever-changing life, balance is never consistent because things always shift. However, I have learned that what I can control is peace. I can be at peace during times of chaos if I focus on the Lord. Balance, no. Peace, YES! However, remember this in hard times is difficult. Hindsight always reveals my weaknesses, but helps me to be and do better next time.

  16. Alaina Fraser says:

    My biggest challenge is maintaining focus on a task. I generally have the tools and techniques I need to plan and make the most of my time, but it’s easy to get distracted by, well, everything. I think it’s a psychological thing, because it makes more sense to focus on completing one task at a time, but for some reason I continue trying to multi-task and end up distracted or derailed with little to show for my time. Having a community of women who are also walking this crazy path called motherhood is a huge blessing. I love your new spin on the blog, Kayse!

  17. My biggest obstacle is that I feel I should do it all. I can’t do it all, and I shouldn’t do it all. I need to let my husband and kids help.

  18. Amanda Chance says:

    I am a stay at home mom and it feels like I always have chores to do and never time for the Lord. I don’t want it to be this way!! I’m going to start making time and tossing out the unneeded stuff/always busy lifestyle.

  19. I love this and hope it becomes the kick in the pants I need to follow through with the plans I make. I can make lists all day long, but actually following through with it is where I have the issue.

  20. My biggest struggle is just fitting it all in. Feeling pulled to have to prioritize so many things and only having so many hours in the day!

  21. Best of luck with your new direction! Keeping up with everything that needs to be done, housework, banking, schooling, life!

  22. Julie Crouthamel says:

    Oh I am SO excited for this new blog Kayse! I feel like I could have written both your email and this blog post! My biggest obstacle in mothering is not feeling like a failure when I don’t achieve the expectations in my head. I, like so many others it sounds, have this grand plan that I set out to achieve, yet fall into bed every night feeling like I’m not enough for my kids. God is slowly teaching me that it’s about just connecting with my kids in the simpler ways, HIS simpler ways, not MY grand plans. Looking forward to each & every post Kayse! Thank you!

  23. Emily Ekegren says:

    being consistent. I’ll do great for a while and then slack off. in pretty much all areas of my life.

  24. My biggest obstacle right now is the way my priorities never include me. I can manage to get a lot done between getting myself and the little girl home from work/school, but I never seem to find the time for the things that enrich me personally because I do stuff for everyone else first. Bible study, exercise, date nights, TV shows I want to watch – all go by the wayside in favor of meeting the needs of my family. It sounds like I’m doing great, but what I really am is resentful and angry about it all on the inside – which helps no one.

  25. My biggest obstacle is pacing myself. I will have a super busy day running errands or taking kids to appointments and then I have a hard time getting back into the swing of things and taking care of things at home.

  26. Cindy Morgan says:

    I love planning and list making. I put thinks on my list that were never on it, that I have done, just so I can cross it off. My intentions are great it’s the follow through I have problems with. I think part of my problem is trying to do so much I get overwhelmed.

  27. My biggest struggle is after making a plan and seeing all the changes I need to make, I get overwhelmed with it all and see this huge “impossible obstacle” I have to overcome. I tend to give up before I even start.

  28. One of my biggest struggles is focus and follow thru. I have great expectations and plans/drive in the morning but then one little thing (like my 2.5 yr old throwing a 20 min fit because she doesn’t like the spoon SHE picked to eat her yogurt) throws all my plans & good intentions out the window. I work part time (2 days in the office then most naptimes and after kids get in bed from home) and I am also homeschooling my kindergartner and LOVE it, but I always feel like I’m behind on everything. Kayse, thank you for being so encouraging all the time and being so “real” in all of your posts. It is refreshing to know I’m not the only one struggling sometimes!

  29. As another busy mom of two (and someone looking to get her own blog running again!) I can’t wait to follow your journey and pick up some advice along the way.

    1. And my biggest obstacle is getting the baby to sleep so I have time to spend with my husband and on my home.

  30. mary rodriguez says:

    Hi – Thank you for your site, your words touch my soul. I am a mom o 5 adopted children who was just diagnosed with MS. You are teaching me that I do not have to be perfect or have a perfect house. It is more important being in the moment, even if my moments may look different now

  31. I have a lot of ideas and things I want to accomplish, but life happens and time goes by so quickly, and nothing seems to get done. I definitely need to start living intentionally!

  32. My biggest struggle is giving each other of my 3 girls the one on one attention they need while still taking care of our home. My girls are all under the age of 4.

  33. I love this blog so much! Thank you for being faithful to your family first and teaching us how to do the same!

  34. Mine is simply planning ahead. It’s something I always say I will work on, and never really follow through.

  35. tina smith says:

    My biggest obstacle is myself . I tend to help others with projects when I should say no and focus what needs to get done.

  36. l can’t find the time to get everything done!

  37. My biggest struggle is feeling like I have to prove that I am a good mom. I’m a teen mom (not so much anymore now that I’m 20, but still…) and many people look down on me as soon as they find out my age and that I’m a mom, but that shouldn’t change that I’m trying my best every day to be a good mom for my son.

  38. Jana Harrington says:

    i honestly feel like my biggest challenge would be getting distracted. I home-school 5 kids and I intentionally parent them with charity- or as best I can with my imperfections. 🙂 I endeavor to be flexible, meet the kids needs instead of meeting someone else’s idea of what they should be doing every day.
    But we get distracted! We get off of our schedule. We get sick, the chickens get out, the garden needs harvesting, my cub scout has to earn a few badges in order to advance…
    I calendar, communicate with my husband, and roll with the punches- but somehow I think I can strike a better balance between being flexible and sticking to the schedule. Without stressing myself out in the process.

  39. Annette E says:

    Myself! I want everything perfect and then get overwhelmed with the mess of everything or frustrated when someone messes up what I finally had “perfect” so I end up throwing in the towel, defeated. Can’t wait for this new space with you!

  40. Kimberly Curtis says:

    Love your blog!
    I am really bad with time management and once I get home from work… actually having the energy to get house work done and help my kids with homework. It’s a never ending job!

  41. My biggest obstacle is getting the rest of the family on board with my organization!

  42. My biggest obstacle? Probably not feeling like doing things that I should be doing. And not being disciplined enough to actually DO them. Not cool 🙁 I have no excuses – no kids yet, not that busy, have lots of time… Just too lazy 🙁 Quite embarrassing, actually. I need to work on my self-discipline!

  43. Being tired is my biggest obstacle! I rarely get a full night’s sleep and then I have no energy.

  44. My erratic work schedule. I feel like I can’t make a routine to stick to. I am also easily distracted.

  45. Jennifer Fowler says:

    My biggest challenge is time! There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to do everything I need/want to do!

  46. I love the new look! Thank you for all that you do to help us moms to keep it together!

  47. I get overwhelmed and stressed and then I can’t do anything because I’m trying to do everything.

  48. My biggest struggle is that I get in my own way. I have this perfect idea in my head and I get trapped in there. Another struggle I have is chronic illness… and wanting to get it done and perfect but just being physically unable. Routine and schedule are my two current butterflies… you know… we want to catch them but they won’t land as long as we’re chasing?

    Thank you for this giveaway and everything you put out there for us. <3

  49. I tend to get ovewhelmed by the things I know I need to do so then I practice avoidance and nothing gets done. ;-( My motto has become “Just do one thing” and then when that is done, “Just do one more thing” – but that is just surviving, not being intentional.

  50. Spending quality time with each child.

  51. Excited about the giveaway and love the name of the blog. Currently struggling with getting a routine down after moving about a month ago and starting over in a new ministry.

  52. Karen O'Connell says:

    My biggest struggle is leaving room for interruptions- with a busy one year old who’s all boy and teethes like there is no worse torture in the world, I have a lot of them- and then being able to recover from those interruption.

  53. Kristi V. says:

    I’ll be sharing this with my daughter who is due to deliver her first child in March! Thanks for a great resource!

  54. My biggest obstacle is that I try to do it all myself. This not only robs the rest of my family of life skills and the joy of serving, but it robs them of me because I end up exhausted and sometimes cranky. Thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity.

  55. Even thought i am an ‘older’ mom now, I still fall into the old comparison trap. I work on planning and staying organized to help me deal with necessities FIRST.

  56. Just wanting to do it all and not being able to

  57. My biggest struggle is getting everything done! I have so many intentions to do so many things but time is tight as I do work 40 hours.

  58. My biggest struggle is actually executing the plans I make. I spend ALOT of time being intentional with the planning and gathering of necessities but then the perfectionist in me never actually gets it done. If I happen to begin something, I tend to quit a lot.

  59. Denise F. says:

    Oh my stars. Were you listening outside my windows lately? I have delusions of grandeur in getting things done but lack the intentionality part. I get all mumble jumbled along the way and nothing gets done. I am sad and glad I am not alone. With grace and a little work I believe we can all get there.

  60. I want to do all the things, and of course I can’t. I feel like my own personal drive to achieve is in opposition to what I know my family needs, my presence. So, still feeling all the motivation/drive, and laying it aside.

  61. Quality time with my family, I’m a working mom who is trying to make healthy choices for my family and to build a better understanding of God. I think I have so much in my plate right now, faith formation, healthy cooking, dealing with allergies and looking for a solution, healthy lifestyle, time for the kids, work. Sometimes I don’t have time for me.

  62. My biggest struggle is that I rarely take intentional time to let myself decompress. Don’t get me wrong, I have lots of unproductive time, for which I end up feeling guilty…just rarely is it something fun for me.

  63. Emily FLeener says:

    Focusing on what is important in the moment.

  64. Melissa Lynch says:

    My biggest obstacle is follow through. I have big plans, lots of ideas, and maybe start out strong, but I don’t finish.

  65. I think it is about making the limited amount of time I have with my family, away from work, school and the farm, really count. How do I make myself feel like I count?

    I am really looking forward to what you are going to write Kayse!

  66. Getting things done while having a 1 yr old and being pregnant…….lol. working on that one. 🙂

  67. Wowza! I love this new direction you are going in- I didn’t even know that’s what I needed to hear(the whole not doing everything just the important things for MY family) until I read this post and was like “wow, she totally gets me!”
    Anywho, my biggest obstacle seems to be overwhelmdness(totally just made up that word) I get the ball rolling with routines and lists and plans, and then when that goes well o start adding things to juggle and then there are so many things to juggle that I drop all the balls and don’t do anything at all, and then I’m back at square one…having 4 kiddos 5 and under makes it hard for consistency since nothing is ever consistent with them(sickness, teething, sleepless nights, potty training, starting school etc) all these things seem to always throw off routines and schedules that I work so hard to implement…

  68. Nicole W. says:

    My biggest issue is creating a schedule and not actually sticking to it. I tend to have all the best intentions of being productive, but end up not having enough time

  69. Looking forward to the new blog! My biggest challenge is knowing what to do when I do find enough energy to do something extra (besides keeping my family alive…). I have chronic pain and that really leaves me exhausted, so when I do find myself with energy or pockets of time, I look around and see too many things that need to get done, so I get overwhelmed and don’t do anything…

  70. Laziness (or passivity) is my biggest obstacle.

  71. My biggest struggle is to stop comparing my family and how we choose to spend our time to other families and their choices. We try to be very intentional and not overbook ourselves but I sometimes get his little nagging voice that tells me we aren’t doing enough…that my kids aren’t getting all the opportunities they should.

  72. I feel like there’s never enough time, so I waste a lot of it– busy work type stuff (ahem, Facebook/email/etc.) and so the cycle continues. I am overwhelmed and don’t know where to start to make changes. 🙁

  73. Ronica Case says:

    My biggest obstacle is lack of consistency. I’m good at organizing and planning then do it for a couple weeks and start to get off track

  74. My biggest obstacle to keeping my home an family life running happily and smoothly is that I can’t stick to the plans I write out. I love planners and I keep one faithfully, but my days don’t usually end up looking anything like I pictured them on paper.

  75. Kayse, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts! You’re inspiring me to be the wife and mom God has called me to be, and not the one I feel pressured to be. I struggle with making time for God daily. I know he’s the only one who can fill me up to be what I need to be to my family. I feel drained by trying to stay on top of everything, dealing with a high-spirited 3 yr-old and a one year old. I’d love to be less stressed, more peaceful and be able to make time to just sit at His feet daily, and also just be present with my kids.

  76. I’m in a whole new stage right now with a son living at home but attending college. I feel busier now than when they were little. I’m excited to continue to read your blog and see the new direction you are taking. I think I could definitely use some intentional in my life right now!

  77. ERIN PURDY says:

    My biggest obstacle is how overwhelming everything is. I have big ideas and plans, but being a single mama of 2 small boys is hard. I lack the motivation to get it all going because it’s all so overwhelming to do on my own. I homeschool my boys now (this is our 1st year) so that adds to stress without having any relief and very little help. My oldest also has PTSD, which is hard on a 7 year old as well as me and his brother. I lack the time, energy, and money to get things accomplished.

  78. My biggest challenge is setting priorities and sticking with them. I have great intentions with a well balanced routine and then I see something shiny (aka a space to declutter, a mess to pick up, a project to start, etc) and rather than having scheduled time to work on those things, I just jump in and everything is thrown off track. Love the direction you’re taking with your website! Thanks for the giveaway!

  79. I struggle finding the time to get everything finished and end up getting nothing done.

  80. Time time time… Especially going to sleep early and getting up early. If I don’t do those two things I feel like I’m drowning in everything… So most of the time I feel like I’m drowning in everything!!

  81. Allison Platt says:

    My biggest obstacle is keeping up with the simple things – while we are busy with good things our house becomes a tornado zone. We haven’t found the systems that work for us so that we can enjoy peaceful moments of rest or unexpected company because of all the clutter. I feel like I don’t have time for special projects because I’m always playin catch up.

  82. I’m an idealist, so I get lots of wonderful ideas, make lists, etc. but then have a hard time implementing them as “life happens”, kids get sick, kids are up at night, etc. How do you make plans but still be flexible?

  83. Julie Harrison says:

    Our biggest obstacle really is time. We have a special needs daughter who goes to many therapies every week. We both work full time and mapping out week is quite hectic. its very easy for me to be discouraged by letting my daughter watch movies and play on the iPad instead of working. but sometimes I just need a minute to myself. I keep telling myself it’s not always about staying busy every minute. She’s still a person and needs some “fun” time too.

  84. Staying focused amongst all the distractions that come up throughout the day, though I am trying to reframe that thinking and call those God opportunities when they do, but some of them though are not good distractions. I know there is no such thing as balance, but it is finding the joy in it all, saying the best yes and no’s. Big work in progress here!!
    PS blog looks great, loving the new look and theme

  85. Jennifer V says:

    My biggest obstacle in getting our home to be and stay in a state of organization. Not perfection, just a nice balance of organization in a home that is lived in. I’m having a diffIcult time developing, let alone implementing, a system that everyone can live with. This is so hard for me because my mind thrives in an environment that is fairly clutter free and that is not what I stare at daily. It makes it so very difficult to get anything done; and as a homeschooling mama that is very exasperating.

  86. Kayse you crack me up!! I can’t tell you how much you have blessed me since I first discovered your blog. I will have to share that testimony with you at some point…
    Anywho, I had to laugh at the NCIS on Netflix for about five seconds since my first thought was OMG SHE HAS HIDDEN CAMERAS IN MY LIVING ROOM!!! That is no exaggeration of my evenings with my hubby!!
    I am praying God’s abundant blessings over you and this new adventure! I pray He blesses every woman that comes seeking, searching, or longing for someone that can understand!! Thank you for your obedience, consistent outpouring of love and encouragement.

  87. My biggest obstacle is managing my time. I have great intentions but then things happen, I get busy doing other things and my time just slips away.

  88. Sarah Jude says:

    My biggest obstacle is not having clear goals and routines set in place so that I don’t fall into the same rut every day. We are moving soon (and I just noticed your post on moving tips with little ones under foot, so I’ll be checking that out soon!), so I’m hoping that the experience I’ll have by organizing everything to move to a new place and starting over fresh will give me a much-needed “reset” on our daily routine! So excited and hopeful! 😀 Thank you for all of your inspiring posts, Kayse! I’m really looking forward to reading more and being a more intentional wife and mom! 😉

  89. Opening my email this morning and clicking over to the new site was literally the answer to a prayer! In recent days I have gone into prayer a sobbing, blithering mess, asking for direction and intervention to be the mother He wants me to be. Far too often I focus on working toward being the mother this world tells me I should be. I am blessed with children who forgive and forget my many shortcomings and I want my time to be dedicated to raising and nurturing them. I am looking forward to exploring the new site!

  90. Well, this is incredibly timely. I’m so excited!

    1. Replying to myself to answer the question 🙂 My biggest obstacle is setting and implementing *reasonable* goals that actually fit into my everyday life, not the ideal life in my head.

  91. Rosalie K. says:

    Most likely I have a few obstacles to my effectiveness, one being my tendency toward laziness and lack of discipline. As a new mom and the adjustments which come with that, fatigue also drags me down. But thanks for your encouraging words and blog – I’m working toward changing some time-wasting habits and praying for more energy and motivation to take care of my precious family! Thanks!

  92. Sara Moen says:

    My biggest obstacle is myself. I am on social media too much. I wish I was better at managing the time I am on it or just go cold turkey and never look back!
    I’m excited about the new direction your site is heading, being intentional!!!

  93. Stephanie says:

    My biggest struggle is overcoming my sin of perfectionism and selfishness! I’m learning to just iterate my plans, because they will never be perfect, but they can get better if I just work the plans! Also, I deleted my Instagram account for this season of my life so that I can build a good routine and set good habits that don’t involve checking Instagram early in the day. I appreciate your blog so much, Kayce! Thanks for fitting it in and letting go of some of the social media you’d probably enjoy to make time for your family and this blog!

  94. Elizabeth says:

    My biggest obstacle is a lack of motivation. I just can’t seem to STAY motivated enough to get the jobs done. I have a great schedule on paper, a good routine laid out, decent orginization and a home for everything, but I lack the drive to continually do the work day in and day out.:-/

  95. My biggest struggle is managing my time/energy with regard to all the things. Between homeschool, domestic things, personal growth, running a business with my husband, I often feel overwhelmed and unmotivated until late in the day; then harried because I got “nothing” done.

  96. Right now I’d say my biggest obstacle is getting past my selfish attitude. Mostly I do what needs to be done – I take care of the baby, I love her and play with her, I make sure we have food and stuff. But I struggle with often feeling like I’d rather watch tv or waste time online, or else just doing those things instead of better things – or else I feel resentful when I have drop “my personal time” for others.

  97. Procrastination. When I’m motivated, I totally get a million things done. When I’m not, I get nothing done, and spend way too much time (and then money) on the computer.

  98. I love the new look!!! My biggest obstacle is myself! I have the best of intentions, but when it comes to execution I seem to fizzle. I have an 18month old who has WAY more energy than I do and after a long day at work just trying to get dinner ready seems like a major accomplishment. Pre-baby I was the type A personality with a plan for my plans and now I just seem to be treading water. Hoping to find a way for a happy balance of family and work and get back to routines!

  99. Thank you for your genuine and humble sharing of your heart and life with us! You are a regular encouragement to press on in Jesus as a mom, wife, homemaker, and servant. My biggest obstacle besides my own sin of idolatry in the form of control is that I tend to lose track of time easily when I am by myself (sans kiddos) and end up wasting time. 🙁

  100. Sara Rose Britt says:

    My biggest struggle is my need to always have a clean home. I grew up in a cluttered home and now I am the compete opposite and have a hard time resting until me home is spotless. 🙁

  101. My biggest struggle is just laziness I’ve been getting better at keeping my house tidy, but have not been spending time in the Word. I want to want to read God’s Word.

  102. Robin Billings says:

    Being overwhelmed…then I just don’t take care of things.

  103. My biggest challenge right now is self-discipline. I need to figure out how to not get distracted, how to stick with plans I make (when appropriate), how to plan when I don’t, and how to let go of my plans when it best serves my family.

  104. I struggle with saying yes to good things that aren’t necessarily the best things for our family. I’ve gradually pulled back some and it’s been so freeing. Love your words here today, friend. xoxo

  105. As a homeschool mom with a 19, 15 and 12 year old, my struggle is weariness!

  106. My biggest struggle is being consistent. Life gets busy, and the effective methods that I have been using get pushed to the side in order to get through that really busy chunk of time.

  107. I can’t really nail down one “biggest” obstacle, just a few little ones… I’m pregnant, which is awesome, but it also means I’m tired a lot and don’t feel good some days. I have a toddler (who I love and adore and wouldn’t trade a thing in the world for) which means everything homemaking-wise is a bigger challenge than it used to be! We live with my in-laws, which is a huge blessing but it means that our home is not our own. And I struggle against my own tendencies to laziness and poor time management, which means that I could probably do a lot more in a day than I do.

    So yeah, more like an obstacle COURSE than just one obstacle, haha!

  108. Christina says:

    I have been working toward simplifying life and motherhood, so I am excited to have found your site.

  109. Jen Lehmann says:

    My biggest problem is what others expect out of me. I keep trying to cut back on what I do outside of my home and family, and I keep getting pulled back in by people expecting me to be in charge.

  110. Stephanie says:

    My biggest challenge is implementing the plan! It all looks so good on paper, but never actually happens! As soon as we’re “behind” the plan goes out the window and I wander aimlessly the rest of the day!

  111. Love the new look! I am going to look through resources again now that I am off nights and have to figure out how to be a daytime mom again!

  112. Sherilyn Huey says:

    I always struggle with working a full time job and being there for my girls – they probably don’t notice my struggle, but sometimes it sucks not being able to do all the things that stay at home parents get to do.

  113. Your site looks great, Kayse! Congratulations! My biggest obstacle is just managing everything. There are SO many things. Homechooling, working from home, cooking for special diets, activities outside the home, it’s just a lot. And when I have too many things, my brain just freaks out and doesn’t stay on track. Maybe I need a good planning system.

  114. My biggest challenge is planning ahead and creating a doable routine while being fatigued. I’m super tired all the time, but mothering, homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, etc., still have to happen anyway! I’m so looking forward to your new site – I think it’s just what I need!

  115. My biggest obstacles in managing my home are a flawed laundry system, and learning to adjust to life with 2 children instead of 1. We’re still building a new normal. I’m having trouble making time to sirens in the Word every day.

    1. Try First 5 app, you can set an alarm to remind you to read the daily study which usually takes about 5 minutes. I have mine set for first thing in the morning.

  116. So excited about the giveaway and the new blog! As a busy mom of 7 working full time and working on my masters while my husband does homeschool, the encouragement is much needed! Thanks for keeping things as simple and Jesus centered as possible.

  117. Christina says:

    Time management seems to be a big hiccup. I can always squeeze something in… my glass always half full. I need to prioritize and stick to it!

  118. My biggest obstacle is that I’m not naturally organized, so it makes homemaking sort of difficult. But it’s so important to be organized with six children!

  119. I love this idea! It’s impossible to do everything that moms think we “should” be doing!

  120. I work outside the home as well as homeschooling my children. My children are getting old enough now that they can help with the housework, but I am having a terrible time coming up with, implementing, and sticking with a routine that will get them involved in helping around the house. I would be forever indebted to you if you could help me solve this problem! 🙂

  121. Sarah Bauer says:

    My biggest struggle is being intentional. I have great intentions, but no plan or purpose to get them accomplished and following through is very hard.

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