1. Meg Brown says:

    I have three children 22, 21 and 16. We always eat together however, sometimes it’s very quickly and not much conversing is going on. Then, it’s back to our respective places in the house! Can’t wait to do this for my family!

  2. We do the high’s and low’s thing too but also add ‘what are you looking forward to about tomorrow’. Now my kids are 4 and 6 they are really getting it. My 4 yr old still gets a little confused about what he is doing the next day (farm, home or preschool) but he is getting the hang of it.
    I once read that doing this at the dinner table helps your children understand that they can talk to you later in life. With a highly emotional daughter I want her to feel that she can talk to me about anything! My son is also seeing an early intervention teacher about his anger management and the teacher thought that this was also fantastic to help my 4 yr old feel like his feelings are being heard and understood.
    This is one of the best things we have ever done! However, my husband and I do have two meals a week alone, just for a bit of peace and quiet!

  3. Sarah UmmYusuf says:

    Such great ideas, Kayse! We’ve done the knock a song game, but never thought to keep it in one genre – love it! Thanks for this, we’re playing that game tonight!

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