1. This is a very informational content I am glad I stumbled here. Will share this with my family and I am pretty sure we can make out something amazing out of this as we always find one or other member in the same spot from time to time.

  2. Thank you for writing this. This is something I always need to evaluate in my home life, especially with homeschooling. The judgment of “is that too much?” is crucial to preserve the relationships in your family but also allow you the right amount of energy for your family.

  3. Yes! I burned out last year doing this exact thing! Unfortunately, it has led to my husband wanting a divorce and unwilling to work on the marriage due to the chaos at home when I was unable to keep everything running smoothly. I now know my limitations and weigh out our activities before committing.

  4. Are you in my head, Kayse? I needed this TODAY. Thanks!!

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