1. This is one of the most honest block posts I’ve ever read. Thank you for that!! It’s so refreshing to hear that someone *doesn’t* have all the answers, and that it’s OK! Love it.

  2. I am proud of you friend….you are going to grow and change through this and I am praying that it will be a better than expected experience for all of you! {{Hugs}}

  3. Giving myself grace is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. I truly believe God led me to Emily Freeman’s book Grace for the Good Girl and suddenly I now have a lot more grace with myself. You are definitely not alone in this struggle. Praying you find a great preschool for Emmy. We went through a similar journey and ended up with an absolutely wonderful full-time public preschool (FREE!) that I never would have imagined we would have settled on. Salem ended up loving it and making wonderful friends in the process, helping with her social skills and preparing her for kindergarten.

  4. Well, what do you know, I’m a black-and-white person too. 🙂 These shades of gray are hard sometimes, but, goodness, they can be so freeing when I let them happen. I love this post. I love your honesty. And I love your heart in trying to figure it out. Thanks for sharing that here because you are not alone.

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