1. Kayse, this is a wonderful system! I love the clipboard idea!

    One question I have – how do you store the artwork in these 3-ring binders? Do you have one for each kiddo for each school year? How do you handle the oversized artwork that might come home (ie: not 8×11 sized)? I would love to know how you permanently store these precious works of art.

  2. Just a bit of encouragement, moms: As kids move to middle and then high school, the volume of papers will decrease drastically! And much of their work will be online, like on Google Classroom! So hang in there! In the meantime, this is a great system you’ve set up, Kayse!

  3. I used to be a teacher and one thing that I brought home with me was the use of the hanging file holders. I have a 12 pocket over the closet door and label each pocket for all 6 of us one incoming and one outgoing.

  4. We have an A3 folder for each kid in living room for all paperwork that the kids want to keep including art. They need to put it in there or it gets binned. We have a magnetic clip on fridge to store all important notices. Any notices I sign and give back to child to put in bag and return to school. Impressive art gets placed into a large sleeved folder to look at by anyone. Any papers not wanted get put into shredder box and used in the compost or worm farm. No papers are allowed to be left on kitchen or will be binned.

  5. I may have missed it, but where did you get the carts? 🙂

  6. Victoria V. says:

    What else is on the two carts?

    1. That’s our snack station! We’ll be talking ALL about that later this week!

  7. Crystal Young says:

    Wow! That is a super organized and efficient system for your children’s paperwork! This should be required reading for all parents. It’s not only helpful for the parents but for teachers too (we get all the papers back that need to be returned) – so it’s a win-win! I especially love the clipboard for each child – brilliant!

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