1. Kori Ireland says:

    I am really curious about your monthly calendars. When the top month has ended, do you have to transfer everything from the bottom month? Or do you swap the calendar spots? 🙂 Also, do you have links to those? What about items that get planned a few months out – do you spend some time the first of each month to check your planner or phone calendar and make sure everything is on the wall calendar? And I have six kids so I don’t think I could manage to color code all 8 of us. Remembering colors would be too much stress! But I put the first initial before the event (B-piano).

  2. It’s just my husband and me now at home, so we use a bit smaller command center. I took a frame that had three openings in it (3 5×7), backed it with some pretty scrapbook paper and we hung it in the bathroom. I have the first 5×7 opening, dear husband the second opening and the last one is for lists or extra items to note. We have a pretty huge bathroom, so this works out quite well.

    I also have a calendar from CWM in the kitchen, hung inside the spice cabinet door. I note BIG events there. Perhaps something with our granddaughters, a medical procedure, vacation, things like that.

    I’m trying to get my husband to use either Trello or Cozi so we can sync our calendars, but so far he hasn’t wanted to do that. I’m going to keep trying!

    Love the visuals and really love that quote from Tripp. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I do a here’s what’s coming up this week as we drive home from church every Sunday. Even though we only have one left at home, things are still crazy busy; hello high school. And that short conversation wtih me reviewing my phone calendar (critical to have it there) as we drive home gets us all on the same page.

  4. Joelle B. says:

    You have a bucket list on one of the whiteboards. Is it a family bucket list?

  5. We too have a command center with a Flylady calendar that is also color coded. This year we started us washi tape, love it because if something changes you can just remove the tape. We also use the Cozi app that we can also color code and send alerts. With our command center is also a grocery list of the items we have in our house by aisle. It makes it so easy to keep track of what you need. By using this grocery list my husband has no problems doing our grocery shopping.

    1. I love that!! We have a shopping list like that in our planner – it’s a game changer!

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