1. Although my kids are grown and gone, I love this snack cart idea! What prompted me to comment though, was the whiteboard – I do use one for my weekly meal planning, but I LOVE the idea of the running whiteboard for “What’s in the Fridge?” Honestly, if you asked me to name all the leftovers and potential snacks, I couldn’t do it. But I will after my next shopping trip and my new whiteboard gets hung! Thank you Kayse! ?

  2. I have been loving this email series!
    I really like the idea of this snack prep station, and I’ve just started getting my 7 year old to pack her own lunches and getting the 5 year old to help pack his own lunch.
    But I feel like all it would take is one trip to the bathroom, and my 3 year old would decimate the bottom tray 😉
    So I might need to do something similar, but actually inside a locked cupboard (even though the trolleys are SO cute!).

  3. Great ideas for helping kids be more responsible!

  4. Girl, I LOVE the snack stations! I am super pumped to find my cart and get to filling it! Btw…You have very impactful things to say. I’ve followed you for a while but hadn’t commented before. Keep up the amazing work?

  5. Where did these carts come from? I love them!

    1. IKEA! They are called the Raskog. I think you can find them on amazon too.

  6. I love the snack station and lunch prep. I no longer have children living at home but have a “town” job and I prep my lunches so I too can just grab and go. It makes things so much easier in the mornings and I don’t have to pack a lunch every night when I get home.

  7. THank you so much for sharing. I like the snack cart. I have been struggling with having food in the open, but maybe it is just st ok! I was contemplating buying school lunch passes, but I going to give this a try!

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