1. I’m more focused on the routine tasks and the messy house, that I’m on survival mode when it comes to taking care of my family. Having my toddlers home everyday due to summer holidays, also is a little exhausting.. Not doing anything fun for them puts a bit of pressure on me, but I just can’t fit it in. And I find my energy zapped, even on days I don’t work hard. I don’t know why. I have no patience or love for my family. Not doing enough puts me on a guilt trip. I’ve been asking myself how I can break out of the routine..I even tried a day without my planner. Helped me, but didn’t solve anything. But this article is brilliant. Struck every chord. Can’t wait for what you have in store! I love how you say that trading steadfast for scattered isn’t an achievement but hope.. Wow! I hope to get better too!

  2. I am struggling to create space in my life right now because I don’t know where to start and rather that just picking one thing and taking action, I become paralyzed and do nothing to change. I also am horrible as starting a new routine without accountability but won’t allow myself to be vulnerable enough to let someone into the struggle with me.

  3. I try to please everyone and get asked often to serve at church, although I already serve in 2 ways, plus serve in the homeschool group and in Bible studies. They are all great things, but I can’t homeschool and care for my family well, plus do all these extra things. Gardening, sewing, reading, taking a bath, sleeping 8 hours, or even taking a minute to pee before I really have to don’t happen anymore. I recently announced to everyone, because my husband said, that I’d be taking a break from everything to sit in my closet, pray, and figure out what God wants from me. I’m turning 45 this month and I am tired and burned out.

  4. Time to study God’s Word.. I work full time 8 hours a day, M-F, from 3:30 to midnight. after June I’m retiring.. I’m looking forward to it in one way but not in another..

  5. Ann Eliot-Naille says:

    I am struggling to create space in my life right now because – I have no space. I am taking 3 days off before Memorial Day to clean out my basement and make room down there for crap that has wormed it’s way upstairs, or never made it down there to begin with. I live in a 3-bedroom double with my 2 daughters and my mother and there isn’t a clear flat surface anywhere in my house.

    When we (my ex-husband and I) remodeled our house we planned out our kitchen and created a space for absolutely everything. Over time some of those needs changed, but I remember how nice it was to put everything away in it’s predestined place. My dad always said his grandmother had a saying “a place for everything and everything has a place” – that’s kind of what we did with the kitchen. It was the easiest area of the house to clean up.

    Fast forward 15 years to now – short of moving everything out and only moving back in the stuff we need, I am at my wit’s end. Hopefully this little “staycation” will help me get a handle on this.

    Thank you for your posts, I always enjoy them!

  6. I’m having a hard time creating space because like You said there is just too much noise. I’m a new mom and I run our HVAC business office from home while staying at home with our 1yo. I’m non stop all day and feel like there is not enough time in the day. When I put our little to bed I just veg out. I want to have time to exercise, clean, spend quality time with my husband. So many things I want to do but can’t seem to prioritize or make time for. It makes me irritable and resentful. I will be following this series and praying for help.

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