1. Anger has been a struggle of mine ever since our second child was born. I recently read a short ebook titled “Losing It: A Christian Parent’s Guide to Overcoming Anger” and it has truly made an impact. I now understand different aspects about anger and about idols or ruling desires of my heart and how they lead to my anger. I highly highly recommend it! It helped me see the root of my anger and equipped me to overcoming it by memorizing a Bible verse to say in times I feel anger rising as well as understanding what my ruling desires tend to be and how to overcome them by turning back to God. My life is changed.

  2. My 3-year-old is testing his boundaries big time right now, and I struggle with anger daily. The biggest thing that has helped me is figuring out my “triggers” and finding ways to avoid them. For example, getting ready for work in the morning can really put me on edge, especially when my preschooler drags his feet. Realizing that my anger always seemed to come out when we were running behind made me see that the problem wasn’t so much him or me; it was our morning routine. Once I recognized the real problem, I could actually take steps toward a solution.
    That’s just one example, but identifying triggers has been huge for me!

  3. I don’t always have a problem with anger, but I do find I’m quick to it during certain times (usually related to my monthly cycle!). I hate myself and those angry words that come out at that time. The biggest strategy that works for me is to walk away from the situation, give myself 5-10 minutes and then go back. If I’ve said hurtful words then I apologise to my children and try to make things good with them, I find they are far more forgiving and forgetful long after I’m still beating myself up.

    I used to have a strong faith with God but have since found that this has dwindled away with the way my path has taken me in my life. I don’t find faith based podcasts help me but I do like listening to other parents who have the same struggles as me.
    Thank you

    1. Danna thank you for being transparent and sharing your heart. I don’t know what you have been through that has caused your faith in GOD to dwindle but I just felt like I needed to reach out to you and tell you don’t give up, because HE hasn’t forgotten about you and HE still loves you unconditionally more than you know. He’s just waiting for you to come back home and that’s all HE wants from you. HE just wants your heart. Anyway know that you are truly loved and if you need to talk about anything without judgement, feel free to reach out to me.

  4. I appreciate your post. Lately, I have had angry outbursts that I know aren’t me. My relationship with my children is even changing because of these outbursts. I appreciate your emphasis on the word of God and Truth. It helps to awaken what my soul knows, that these little children are so precious in God’s eyes and I want to remember that. I am going to put more emphasis in my scriptural study. Thank you!!

  5. I can relate! I hate how I let anger, impatience, fear, insecurity, depression at times, stress, and so many other things cause me to really blow it with my sons and husband. I really want to change. I have reached out for help from a number of different people and resources, but it is still a minute-by-minute, daily struggle. I HAVE to change! Thanks for posting about this and the great resources available. God help us all who struggle with anger!

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