1. What a great list! I’d also add the Risen Motherhood podcast.

  2. My favorites are “cultivate the lovely ” with Mackenzie Monroe and “The first love club ” with the Reset Girl.

  3. I just discovered a podcast called Kindled. It’s for moms and it’s great! Also Risen Motherhood.

  4. I love Revive our Hearts by Nancy Leigh Demoss!!

  5. I’m a big fan of Sorta Awesome with Megan Tietz (and others). I also like The Simple Show with Tsh Oxenreider and What Should I Read Next with Anne Bogel.

  6. Definitely agree that Angie @ She Finds Truth is really amazingly encouraging.

    Unruffled with Janet Lansbury helps me develop some great mothering tools.

    Sorta Awesome with Megan Tietz is really awesome.

    For politics, I like The Federalist Radio Hour. While it touches on current news, it is more thoughtful commentary from people who know their stuff, mixed with some down to earth observations. (Frequently have Mary Katharine Ham or Mollie Hemingway hosting.)

    And, I could go on. . . LOL! I listen a lot. (Used to spend a lot of time in the car. . . also like to listen while nursing the baby to sleep.)

  7. Have a new Kid by Friday- Kevin Leman. Awesome practical parenting advice

  8. Thanks for these! My favorite podcast is Straight from the Heart(land). 3 wonderful Jesus loving women who talk about everything from Faith, kids, parenting, marriage, recipes and more. You feel like you’re sitting down having coffee with them.

  9. I haven’t heard of all so I added some to my list thanks!
    One of my favorites are clutter free academy with Kathy lipp and modern homemakers by Donna Otto

  10. Mom struggling well is Emily Thomas! Great list, all my favs & a few new ones to try!! 2 other favorites not necessarily mom themed but for women are The Happy Hour with Jamie I’ve & Feathers with Any Bennett.

  11. One quick question I forgot to include, how and when do you listen to these? I love them for doing chores when kids are sleeping or if I’m alone in the car, but that doesn’t happen often! Do you use headphones and listen when kids are playing, or do you play it over speakers and let everyone listen (and rewind often when you get distracted or cannot hear due to the littles nearby) … I’m struggling finding more time to listen, since I’m not alone often. Any ideas or suggestions?

  12. Thank you so much for doing this Roundup! I love Kat and Heather but didn’t know about most of the others and I cannot wait to give them a listen! Esp Sally Clarkson, how did I not know about her podcast? Thank you!!

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