1. This is something am going to try. I have always got lists in my head and then forget what the list was and get so overwhelmed and frustrated. Very good advice I will try it today thank you so much.

  2. Karen Lehmeier says:

    I’ve been looking for a system like this for a month. Feeling shame and discouragement, I wanted to find a way to put all of my tasks on paper. I will try this. Many thanks!

  3. I love this, and I do something very similar. I’m surprised you put all your home and work tasks all together in the same list though. Do you just work on both throughout the day, instead of time blocking your day into “work time” and “home time?”

    1. It really depends on the day. I’ll try and use the spare moments of the day to work on the next thing on my list, whether it’s work or home stuff. But for the most part, I do work tasks during work time, and home tasks outside of work time!

  4. Melanie Hunt says:

    I love this!!! I think I often stop after creating a list, and never thoughtfully consider what priority everything on the list should have. So then I create more lists and more lists, instead of just keeping the master (brain dump) list and working to organize it. Thank you so much, this was definitely a light bulb moment for me. I also love the idea of crossing off what really doesn’t need to be done, even after writing it on the master list. I feel such guilt about doing just that, and I feel like you’ve given me permission now. Thank you!!

  5. Yep! I brain dump and this is my go to for overwhelm, too! In fact, I had just this morning done a brain dump, before I read this post! ? It is so helpful. And, praying over whether the thing is urgent or not, and what God wants in my day – – so crucial. God will reorder my list, too, at times, and clarify my calling, reminding me of who and what are truly important and I’m responsible for, when I get pointed in the wrong direction. Thanks, Kayse!

  6. I love your brain dump printable, Kayse! It’s so easy – and uncomplicated! I just printed off 6 copies to do one and to be prepared for the next 5!!!

  7. Ashley Wells says:

    This is great!!! Thanks Kayse!

  8. I’ve been trying harder to do a daily brain dump at the end of my day. Some days are better than others but I feel I’m making progress with my goals and To Do list.

  9. I love brain dumping! I try to do it every week, however, there have been a number of weeks where this brain dump has not gone any further than just a list of things. I love the way you then prioritise your list. I am definitely going to give it a go. I hope from there I can also turn these priorities into to-do tasks. That can be another challenge for me. Thanks again for a super blog post!

  10. Michelle Matzen says:

    I’m totally going to try this! I love the highlighter idea. I’m a big list maker but I can never seem to find a system that works. I think I expect it to get done by itself if it is on my TO DO list! 😉

  11. Christina says:

    This is so timely for me! I was really looking forward to having the kids in school and there was so much that didn’t work out the way I planned. (Busing issues, a sick kiddo, doctor appointments, after school band practice and football games) I just wanted that time to get things done, to make a plan for new routines, and to just have some time to myself to recharge. I did do a brain dump of sorts. I just sat down and wrote out everything that was going on in my head. I still need to go through and pray and prioritize everything. For the past week we have been dealing with Hurricane Florence and all the wind, rain, flooding, and power outages. The kids haven’t been in school since last Wed. We are not sure when they will go back at this point due to flooding. It has been so stressful. I am going to take some time today and follow your example. It’s time to drain the bathtub!

  12. This is a brilliant take on brain dumping! I’ve put it all out there on paper before but have never prayed about my list (oops). Color coding for sure helps make sure things are prioritized and helps the main things get done. I’m so doing this!

  13. I have never brain dumped before but will be using this strategy in the future. The first few weeks of school are always very busy for us and this year our son is a senior so we have added many senior parent activities to our to do list. I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately and had a meltdown a couple days ago. I will be doing a brain dump next time that overwhelming feeling hits me. What a great strategy. Thank you so much for sharing.

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