1. I’m Wendy pretty much every week. I’ve been Penelope a couple times and when I am, oh my GOODNESS does it feel good… I need to definitely do it more often. I love the fact that you’ve provided a simple four step list of things to plan/do. It’s so hard with a 1 year old and being pregnant, but it would just make life SO much easier if I were to just DO it. One really exhausting day a week is better than 7. 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Lauren Henning says:

    This is so hopeful and helpfu! love (exhausted/ frazzled) Winging it Wendy x

  3. Christine says:

    Used to wing it but that got old real fast! I try to plan as much as I can and still stay flexible! I am looking at having ankle surgery soon and will need to be off my feet for six weeks, so I have started organizing and planning things for my family so they don’t have to wing it either! Thanks for all the great tips!!

  4. A planner I am! On Saturday and sometimes Sunday I wash my work clothes (my hubby does the rest on Mondays), pack lunches for the week, make sure I have plenty of breakfast shake packets made up, pick out my clothes for the week and do any ironing that there might be from the previous week. I also catch up my office work and figure out what we are going to eat for the week. Because it’s just the hubby and me I usually make something over the weekend that we will eat on all week. It makes my life so much easier to not have to do these things during the week so I can have some down time every evening. I am a very early riser (4 a.m.) therefor I am also very early to bed (around 8 p.m.)

  5. Alyssa Zech says:

    This makes such a difference! How do I know? I haven’t done it in like two months and I’m constantly feeling behind! :/

  6. I love Sunday prep. I usually do it first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee and a pen and paper. I have created a system that uses Google Calendar, ToDoist and my notebook. I update my calendar and look for those open spots to get stuff done. My ToDoist has reoccurring tasks and I transfer them to paper so I have one spot to look all week. Sure there are days when things go crazy but knowing what needs to get done all week for me makes a difference instead of wondering what needs to get done. It generally takes me 1/2 hour to do all this. Looking forward to the 2019 planner. I am new to your site and love the sneak peaks.

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